Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coincidence or Fate?

Was it a mere coincidence or an arrangement? I lost my keys yesterday and I manage to get them back today... with a simple prayer...

Yesterday, I lost room keys on the way back from school. Upon discovery of that, I was discussing that with my landlady and the first good news was heard. My house mate reported that she had actually fount the keys, but she left the keys laying on the exact same spots, assuming that the owner would trace them back.

Without second thought, I rushed back to the spot where my house mate mentioned, and to my horror, someone seemed to have grap the keys given that the spot was somewhere near the lecturers' parking lots.

Therefore I ended up with disappointment last night... I hate myself for my own carelessness and the inability to improve it!

Sleep does help to readjust my emotion. Before I headed to school for Japanese class, I was hoping that this could serve another important lesson for me and assuming that someone had taken the keys to the office. Consequently, I tried to calmed myself with a simple prayer...not very much like the Christian way, but some part of it...

I approached the counter.

"Abang, ada sesiapa yang hantar kunci hilang milik ke sini keh?"

"Hmm, nanti saya cari yeh. Mana yeh...U ada nampak keh?", the receptionist asked his colleague.

"Yeh, ada. Sana tu!"


"Oh, Ya! Terima kasih, bang!"

Was this ending just a connection of high probability responses or a determined plot by superior being (in Christian context, God answer my prayer)?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monthly habit...

3 for RM24! Who can resist?

Anyway, does not mean that I am like those shopaholics, but I would like to commit myself in serious reading... Spending in books contribute 4% to 9% of my monthly expenditure and I personally think that it is OK, despite my mum is always questioning my purchase...

"Are those books your textbooks?"

"Erg, nope. But some of them will help me in my study..."

"Then why buy so many?"

"What is wrong with adding more knowledge?"


Well, I have to face this in the coming December as I bring more books home.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

New recipe!

Introducing... *ceng ceng ceng*...
Steam potato rice!  C=:-)
Thanks to Auntie Guan for sparking the idea for me and my mum who taught me this original recipe. Actually, I was not preparing this, rather it was the typical fried potatoes which I learned from my mum. Out of sudden, I heard Auntie Guan (my landlady at Sabah) reminded my of her unfinished rice.
Aha, why don't I mix it with my potatoes? Consequently, I pour the hard, cold rice into my dish and steam them (while I was frying potatoes).
10 minutes later, new recipe (well, at least for me) was created! I shared the dish with auntie and her son, and we were satisfied! Her son was amazed by it and tried to replicate the dish tomorrow!
I wonder how will it tastes like.... :P

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Book!

Another one added to collection...

The Evolution of God by Robert Wright

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Ok, someone considered this as recyclable......

Sabahan is rich? What say you?

Friday, August 28, 2009


2 days ago I had a call with her after a long period of longing...

Besides the typical greeting and information about recent life, we discuss about our further study.

She persist on the study in Master of Business Administration while mine are clinical psychology counterpart.

While we were encouraging each other, she doubt about availability of equivalent or better quality romantic partner in future after her Master courses.


I'll wait for you
I sincerely do


Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hurray! Doulos is coming back to Kota Kinabalu again! The ship will dock at Jesselton Port starting from 29th og August to 20th of September. Those who're interest in visiting this ship, do mark this date down! Let's bring knowledge, help and hope!

Can't wait the arrival!

o (> <) o

Friday, August 14, 2009

Semester Break…Workload…

The mid semester break is approaching…

I have only a weak to finish all my papers. Can I make it?

Clinical psychologist is expected to sustain heavy workload, according to a source…

So I guess I don’t have much choice?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I don't know what happened to commodity market in Sabah, but can't someone tells me why sugar supply was stopped, in Sabah?

About 2 hours ago, I heard my friend mentioning that each person was limited to purchase 2kg of normal cane sugar ONLY!


Anyway, I should cut down my sugar intake (cane sugar) throughout this period. Not to mention my 2kg weight gain...!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Today is the first day I reported in my part time in 1 Borneo. I am glad that I finally manage to land myself a sustainable job as financial problem is one of my problem here.

Thing has both sides. With the allocation of my Friday and Saturday for this job, I have lesser time in revising and writing. As I am approaching the end of my tertiary study in, I begin to feel the pressure. I have more academic writing but shorter writing period. Now I really know how the feeling of a writer who is undergone deadline pressure by the editor.

This triggers my thought about my overall vocational preparation to be a clinical psychologist. Am I going to make it?

My academic writing skills do not seem to show any improvement and so does my critical thinking!

In order to be a clinical psychologist, intelligence is not all. Emotional intelligence, social aptitude, intentional interview skills, project management and communication skills! Have I done anything to improve them? Today I have disappointed my lecturer again! T.T

I disappointed my assignment groups’ members again and reaped the chance for them to contribute. I don’t mean to get a worst mark for my groups but what can I do? I even hate myself for thinking this!

What a minute, this is just simple student life and I can’t even handle those? How could you make it so far after you have overcome so many troubles? Arg….!

I hate myself for my stupid progress and my irrational thoughts!

I think I need help…

Monday, July 20, 2009


“Happy Father’s Day”
That reminds me about the role of father in a family. If I will have to conceptualize this according to my personal experience, I will not take this role for myself in the future.
I don’t think I am capable.
Whenever I mention about my oyaji (親父, father as in japanese), I feel ambivalent. Since I first knew him, until now…
He was once our family breadwinner that provided us with certain degree of material before. He bought a nice house, comfortable Toyota, and new home furnishing.
I am thankful for his effort to bring the best for us. I recall how excited I was when he had promised to buy me a personal computer for my UPSR achievement. However, since the moment I saw him negotiating with the bankers and the scene where our first family sedan was dragged away by the bank due to the unpaid overdraft, I knew something was wrong…
The financial situation went worse since then…
Parents were arguing over financial issues almost every night that those noises are still fresh in my mind.
He was sacked for channelling insurance client’s premium into his own private usages. I was thankful that his employer did not file a lawsuit against him.
Since then, he had never sustained any job for more than one year due to his faulty behaviour. Taxi driver, Gillette products retailer, egg monger, salesman, political party employee, hawker…
In order to cover the daily expenditure, he finally decided to approach illegal money loaner for financial solution. By the time this happened, my mum had to take over the role of family breadwinner because all that he earned had gone to along payments. I guess there is when my mum never shows any intimacy against him…
There was certain moment where he stole my mum, my sister, my grandma and my saving to pay the loan sharks. That’s when I started to think that he is no longer the one I can trust…
I can still remember the night where our home was tainted with 2 big packets of red paint as one of the threatening method use by most alongs…
I can feel how about horror it was when my sister was receiving the call which threatened her safety due to oyaji’s incapability to pay them on time…
I know how hard it is for a woman to work almost 16 hours per day to support the family…
I know why I was trying to hang myself when I was 11 and my incapability to help the family as the eldest son…

2 months ago, he left our family without our consent.
Initially, my mum and grandma was quite curious about his disappearance. Nevertheless, when they thought about what he had caused to his own family, we decided to continue our life without him.

Few weeks ago, he made a call to home, telling us that he has landed himself a job in Petaling Jaya. Besides that, he seems to try to care about us by frequent call to home, and to me.
I know that I should give him a chance to change, but frankly speaking, I am yet to accept someone who has instilled negative image about the role of “father” and all those scars in my development…
Should I?

P/S: This is his last job that I know before he left Penang.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Careless lost

I lost my wallet after I dined in Gurney Plaza food court.

As the consequences, you name it. Identity card, driving license, student card, bookshop membership cards, organ donor card, ATM cards, precious private picture and 150+ bucks.

Painful and pricy lesson, wasn’t it? I wonder why I keep wasting money on important lesson in my life.

Behind every unlucky event, there is something new to be learned. For example, I knew how to apply for replacement copy of important documents, cancel the ATM cards, how to handle the lost emotionally. Frankly speaking, I was wondering about how long will I take to mourn about this issue…

Anyway, there is some good news, too. Student receives 50% debate on replacement identity card compound, do you know that? I hope I will get the same treatment tomorrow when I proceed to Road Traffic Department for replaced driving license! =P

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jamming Penang

A lesson to be learned. Don’t go out whenever there is parade going on unless you’re one of the participants or audience.
I was planning to drive to Gurney Plaza to buy Power Station new album, Moving On.

Well, I was moving on to buy this album despite the heavy traffic jam at Scotland Road. That was the only way to Pulau Tikus area, as Macalister Road and Burma Road were blocked for the Vesak Day parade.
Am I sounds emotive?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deja vu…Excited yet unlucky

Ever heard of deja vu, or the pre-conception of certain event before its actual occurrence? Sixth sense, extra sensory perception (ESP) et cetera refer to the same subject.
Whenever I have a clear picture of certain event in my mind during my sleep, it is most likely to happen in reality. I dreamt about motorcycle which is running out of petrol when I reach university, during my afternoon nap before my Japanese final exam.
As expected, it occurred after I woke up from my nap and this is how the whole excited but unfortunate series of small incidents happened to me:
Woke up from nap since I have bike, I still managed to reach university on time, I thought…
The bike did not responded when I pull the throttle. To my horror, the dream came true. I stopped at the front gate of university with the security guard’s yell, “Ah Chai, motor tak ada minyakkah?” After resting the bike near the security hut, I rushed to exam hall.
Reached DKP 2 safely but the listening section of the exam had gone to Question 4. I grabbed the paper and started to follow the sequence of the listening test.
Handed up the listening test answer sheet along with attendance sheet which would be collected next. I hope the invigilators did not miss out my attendance sheet…
What do you think?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Money matters

Seeing some of the friends are graduating soon, I feel grateful for them. However, when I imagine this as what will happen during the next year, I feel anxious and tense.
I guess if you’re studying somewhere far from your hometown, the arrangement of brief travel around the location which you’re studying, is somehow a must for your family when they visit you during your convocation. Do you agree? Well, at least, for me, it is a “yes” since my parents keep mentioning that during those phone calls.
Therefore, I had followed my friend to arrange this for his family who will visit Sabah in the near future (October, 2009). We were surveying the price for the accommodation since it is quite a challenge to get a room which is reasonable in term of payment and safety. Excluding those luxurious hotels in Kota Kinabalu, we have the price ranges from 65 bucks to RM280 per night for a family size room. Well, you can imagine what we have for the cheapest (best setting for horror movie) and the most expensive (3 stars).
After that we speculated for the rough budget for the travel around Kota Kinabalu which included visit to Kundasan, Kudat, seafood meals, transportation etc. Including my friend himself, the budget was for 5 persons. The figure was expected to reach around 2K and I was stunned for  few seconds…
I tried not to imagine about that as this was not my main concern, yet. Gestalt therapy says thinking about the future will only make you more anxious and stressful. Unfortunately, when I attempted to figure this out from another perspective, I knew that if I would not disappoint my family during that time, I have to think about how to accumulate the money from now own.
Seems contradict, right? I am more sensitive to money, anyway, especially when it involves third party…

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Throughout all the troubles that my friends or people around me, I found that I lack for a critical element as someone who wish to help, emphatic care. Take for example, whenever there is someone who is feeling terrible physical pain, I will anxious for my ignorance to solve the problem.
This is an obstacle to be a psychotherapist. From the moment I learned this from the book, I know that is the hardest part for me. As someone may say, skills can be easily acquired but it is not the case for change of personality.
Is it due to the reason that I was growing from a family without love and care? Or I am the one who is so ignorant to my parents’ love and care? Love and care can take many form, but I hardly feel the way my parents’ style.
Shall I to be blamed? But that does not help me to develop how to care and love! I heard of someone saying this before, “The easiest way to know about love and care, is to put yourself into others’ shoes when they are showing their love or care to you.”
What do you think?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Strike while the iron is hot. Whenever there is chance, never miss it.


Today, I went to university for my Data Analysis examination. Before I touched the exam paper, Dr Chua knocked my table and request an appointment with her.

The first thing that flashed through my mind was the empty post in my school as I recalled her mentioning about vacancy in data entries personnel. Therefore I finished the paper with contented heart. After the after exam of counselling and psychotherapy theories, I knocked the door of her room.

The conversation began with her inquiry about my presence in the South East Asia Psychology Conference that is organized by my school. Quickly after that, she came up with one question that astounded me, “Will like to present your paper during that conference?”


“As a student presentation?” I responded.

“Nope, a formal paper presentation, just like any other presenters. I found your paper is suitable for the conference and you can even consider journal submission.”

I did not reject, as I have waited for opportunity to publish my academic article all the while and the only concern that I have is the recognition from any academic professional. I believed there is reason that formed the consideration of Dr. Chua.

It seems that I have being making progress in my career. Right until now, my mind is still fascinated with my further study opportunity in psychology, article publication… I know that I overact by the request as before that I have to prepare for the presentation and paper review. Consequently, I decide to fill my holidays with paper writing, reading and presentation preparation.

I am fear to present my idea in front of audience which includes experts in this field.

I am afraid my paper will be rejected by the organizing committee.

But, I will like to thank Dr. Chua Bee Seok, Grace Ooi, Grace Chin and Doreen Cheah for making this to happen.

University Level English?

Ok, I am not here to brag about my English competency but can you imagine the future human resource originated from public university which is not good in English? Look at the following notice:

One of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah graduation requirements is the English competency level of at least Band 3 of Malaysia University English Test (MUET). Personally speaking, Band 3 is not the hard for a university graduate. Will you hire someone who can’t even achieves the English competency of high school levels? Comparing with other English proficiency tests, such as SAT, IELTS and TOEFL, MUET is considered as the low passing test. The scores are adjusted to quite significant low par compare to the international English proficiency tests.
Well, that may sound like I am discriminating certain population, but my the point I try to emphasize is the perseverance to improve language proficiency level. It is an undeniable fact English is widely used in almost every corner of the world, why certain population is declining to improve English proficiency?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shopping Spree!

Ok, now I fully understand how female feel when it comes to shopping…
I bought another 5 books during 1 Borneo Popular Book Fair…

I admit that I cannot resist the temptation whenever there is 90% sales. (usually book fair) Well, I managed to find several favourite genres of mine and not patronized just for the sake of my own impulses…I assume…
The original price of the books was RM169.40 and after 70% discount…Tata, you can get it, RM50.82! I saved up RM118.58! (even though I actually spent 50 bucks…)
Anyway, let’s welcome another five compilation for joining my book collection.
  • Commentaries on Living: Series II – Infinity by  Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Commentaries on Living: Series III Part I – Inference starts from Conclusion? by Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Commentaries on Living: Series III Part II – The Quality of Pure by Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • The First and The Last Freedom by Jiddu Krishnamurti
  • Thought. Language. Society. World. by Lim Cong Yi
I kept the receipt just in case someone needs it for personal income tax deduction (maximum RM1000).
Anyone interested to claim it? (^_^)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Nicest job up to the moment

If you happen to read my last post about the terrible job, you may have some ideas about the toughness of being a sound system technician. Unreasonable treatment? Not this time.

(^-^) b


Any idea?

How about these?







Yesterday, I was placed on Pulau Dinawan for a typical cultural and entertainment night designed for the China tourists.

Since the event was on the island, instead of sleeping on the beach, me and Azlan (colleague) were allowed to overnight in this cottage.


Not bad huh? I did manage to watch 3 DVDs (Diary of the Dead, They Wait & Mirror)last night after the event. Nice bed, calm atmosphere, tasteful meals... That was my best job since months and I had my sounded sleep last night. I was wondering whether I was working or on my study retreat.

(^ ^) ♪

Besides, I learned another function of plankton.


Shame for the management for allowing the tourist to use mobile airgun. They were polluting the sea. (Well, exploiting the island for recreation purpose is to be blamed at the first place...) Sometimes, I feel guilty for being watching what those people polluting environments...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Is Loading Bay part of Hotel?

Well, I am an idiot when it comes to hospitality industry. How do you rank a hotel? If it is ranked according to its overall management, does it include the hotel during its upgrading process?
Yesterday, I was working (as part time sound system technician) at Promenade Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. Due to its facility upgrading (ballroom I assume), many accesses were blocked and I must say that this includes…loading bay…
Guess what? Bad news for technicians like us, of course. Why? I think you know that because we have to move this five boxes of equipments

through this

and the thing that calmed me down, is my lucky number…

Our anger and frustration arose out of the ridiculous management of the hotel THAT the management levels did not prepare the secondary loading access for the supplier! We have gone through lots of suffering situation before where we had being moving more boxes through tougher ground surfaces but they were not due to stupid arrangement!

Promenade Hotel is not a high class hotel after all.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Health Campaign 2009

Attend the Health Campaign 2009 organized by University Malaysia Sabah Medical Faculty at Hostel C, D multi purpose hall.

Small scale exhibition, BMI check, eye acuity check, blood pressure and glucose test, test interpretation, health talks, First Aid demonstration, Breast Self Examination and all those you can name it.

The only part that caught my eyes was those free medical tests. BMI check, blood pressure and blood glucose level check. Perhaps that was my primary purpose being there. ^^

I went through those test, as they were free of charge but not outside of campus, attended a talk about stress and stress management by Ng Chee Kuat. Nothing much to expect except earning myself a photo frame from the Q & A section, hehe…

As for my health check, here are the data:

Blood pressure: 110/80 mmHg

Blood glucose level: 5.2 mmol/l

BMI: 22.6


The comment that left by my medical friend was, “Everything is fine, MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT.

What will you say?

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A letter to 15 years old me…

Did you write a letter to yourself?

What did you write in the letter?

How do you feel when you read it in the future/now?

It has been a long time since the last time I was touched by a song…

I cried when I first listened to this track…

手紙 拝啓 ~十五の君へ~

(Tegami haikei jyuugo no kimi e, A letter to 15 years old you)

Was it because the lyrics were describing what I was facing during then?

But, I am still affected by this song…

Is it because what we have to face?

拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたは どこで何をしているのだろう

十五の僕には誰にも話せない 悩みの種があるのです


今 負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は

拝啓 ありがとう 十五のあなたに伝えたい事があるのです

自分とは何でどこへ向かうべきか 問い続ければ見えてくる
明日の岸辺へと 夢の舟よ進め
今 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は

人生の全てに意味があるから 恐れずにあなたの夢を育てて
Keep on beliving

負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は

ああ 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は
笑顔を見せて 今を生きていこう

拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたが

Dear you,
Who's reading this letter
Where are you and what are you doing now?

For me who's 15 years old
There are seeds of worries I can't tell anyone

If it's a letter addressed to my future self,
Surely I can confide truly to myself

Now, it seems that I'm about to be defeated and cry
For someone who's seemingly about to disappear
Whose words should I believe in?
This one-and-only heart has been broken so many times
In the midst of this pain, I live the present

Dear you,
Thank you
I have something to tell the 15-year-old you

If you continue asking what and where you should be going
You'll be able to see the answer

The rough seas of youth may be tough
But row your boat of dreams on
Towards the shores of tomorrow

Now, please don't be defeated and please don't shed a tear
During these times when you're seemingly about to disappear
Just believe in your own voice
For me as an adult, there are sleepless nights when I'm hurt
But I'm living the bittersweet present

There's meaning to everything in life
So build your dreams without fear
Keep on believing

Seems like I'm about to be defeated and cry
For someone who's seemingly about to disappear
Whose words should I believe in?

Please don't be defeated and please don't shed a tear
During these times when you're seemingly about to disappear
Just believe in your own voice

No matter era we're in
There's no running away from sorrow
So show your smile, and go on living the present
Go on living the present

Dear you,
Who's reading this letter
I wish you happiness...

Always the best,

By Angela Aki…

Friday, February 6, 2009


Behold, the rabbits! ( ゜щ゜)


Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ?!  (>~<)

These are the rabbits (is it better to name them bunny?) rare by Mr Abraham Wong since weeks ago. I heard him mentioned that originally, there were only 4 bunnies, but now…




These newborns are placed in another box so that their sisters and brothers are not stepping over these fragile babies…How cute! *^^* Do you notice the centre one that hasn’t grown its fur (In fact, it hasn’t opened its eyes!)? If I am not mistaken, it should be the youngest among them.


By the time I  took these pictures, they were about to sleep, as you can guess from their body postures, except the brown one. It maybe the eldest, or the Papa of the nest who protects everyone and make sure they are safe and sleep before it does. Ah, paternal love! 

Ok, I know, my E65 camera is blurred but you still want some pictures of the family. Here you go, the last one before I stop.


Can you total the number of them? ^^

P/S: Usagi is rabbit while kawaii is cute in Japanese.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

World Cancer Day

How much do you know about cancer?
What do you feel towards cancer patients?
Are your closed one struck by cancer?
How much do you support them?
Cancer, as we all know, is one of the leading death causes that contributes to childhood mortality rate and worsen the population aging in certain region. Cancer, or the group of diseases identified by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cell, is initiated by both external and internal factors, such as tobacco consumption, radiation, inherited genetic code, mutation and so on. Although it may ultimately bring death, early diagnosis and prognosis can trigger possible interventions. Yet, the suggested approach to cancer, is primary prevention.
Here are some quick fact about cancer, according to Global Cancer Facts and Figures 2007 by American Cancer Society:
  • 1/8 of global death cases are caused by cancer
  • The second leading cause of death for developed countries; the third leading cause of death for developing countries
  • 27 million new cases and 17.5 million death is estimated by 2050
  • The leading cancer for male and female is lung/bronchus cancer and breast cancer respectively
  • The leading cancer in South-Eastern Asia is lung cancer which comprises 13.3% of total cases
  • Lymphoid leukemia is the most dreadful cancer among the children
Family and spouse care is the vital psychosocial support for the patient who is fighting the disease with existing perseverance. As Dr. Lea Baider quoted, “Illness means to share and negotiate, the family’s collective perceptions could shape the meaning of the illness for each family members.” Effective communication with tolerance and cares is important as a part of therapy, and surprisingly, patients with less distress are reported to have partners who responded to self-disclosures with positive humour.
The theme of World Cancer Campaign 2009, is “I love my healthy active childhood” which monitors and focuses on overweight and obesity among adults and children. Being overweight and obese will increase the risk of cancer.
According to the World Health Organization, 1 billion adults are overweight, and at least 300 million of these are clinically obese.
The International Obesity Taskforce estimates that one out of every ten school-age children is overweight. Of these, around 30-45 million children, that is 2-3% of children aged 5-17, are obese.
World Cancer Day 2009 marks the start of a year-long campaign, where International Union Against Cancer (UICC) will work with parents, teachers and decision-makers around the world to encourage kids to eat a healthy diet, be physically active and maintain a healthy body weight.

If you are interested to find out more, please log on to the following sites:
 World Cancer Campaign
While for those who is wondering about Psycho-Oncology, you may check this out:
International Psycho-Oncology Society

Friday, January 30, 2009

Another two added to my collection! ^^

Oh, no! Looks like I am no different with the girls who are bargaining for their new clothes whenever there is 70% rebate! >~< Well, here they are,

I was loitering around Popular Palm Square, browsing for new books. While I was turning the pages of some non-fiction, my eyes spotted the corner where the discount books (It is easy to tell as Popular does have its own way to display them, a typical one) were placed.
Initially, I wasn’t hoping to get any interesting books as for my acknowledgement, the books are usually pop-culture stuff but not this two.
Commentaries on Living: Series I by Jiddu Krishnamutri; &
The True Believer: Thoughts on the nature of Mass Movement by Eric Hoffer.
Both of them are translated version (Mandarin) as English version may cost a lot for me…sigh…Again, I committed another unplanned expenditure……sigh……I have to control myself.
The next book on my wish-list, The Lucifer Effect: Understanding How Good People Turn Evil by Philip Zimbardo. I wonder who will wrap this as my 22nd birthday gift……(^.^)♪

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year?

Well, well, how is your Chinese New Year celebration going? Fun? Good? Gluttony? Satisfied Ang Pow?
Don’t expect something from me, as I am not going home for this festival, again…(since 3 years back…) Why? Expensive air ticket, worthless expenditure, boring….Ops, did I mention something wrong?!
However, that does not mean that I have nothing beginning from the preparation of Chinese New Year until now, the second night of Lunar New Year. OK, I didn’t bargain on any new clothes, accessory, shoes nor hairstyle. Instead I had bought this, Gillettle March 3 Turbo (old model tri-blades shaver/razor and it is RED, for CNY?).

Had a steamboat reunion dinner with Daniel’s family (thanks Daniel, Mr. & Mrs. Koh), steamboat dinner with Chung Ling gang,

(fictional picture)
…and received the first and second Ang Pow from Adam and Mrs. Koh (thanks to both of them).

(fictional picture)
Finally, invitations to attend tomorrow gathering at Gurney Plaza, Penang, from chili and Sean. Apparently I will not be present for that as I am still in Sabah, but I will like to thank them for their kindness.
Other than that, I wasted almost all my time at home doing homework and watching television programmes. >~<
P/S: Thanks to Adam, Uncle Ken Fong, Daniel and his family, Chung Ling guys and girls, chili and Sean. My Lunar New Year would be colourless without you and your sincerity. Love you all! (^3^) ♪♪

Sunday, January 25, 2009

World Leprosy Day

Today is Chinese New Year Eve as we all Chinese knows, but do you know that today is marked as World Leprosy Day as well?
Well, I do not mean to spoil your mood in celebrating this festive seasons. However, while you enjoying your delicious reunion dinner, please think of those who are suffering all around the world.
Here are some brief descriptions about leprosy from one of the source:
“The first Historic mention of Leprosy in India dates back to as early as 600 B.C., where it is denoted by a Sanskrit term ‘Kushtha’, literally meaning ‘eating away’. Reports of presence of leprosy can also be found in the ancient writings from Japan (10th century B.C) and Egypt (16th century B.C.). Ancient writers have put across several theories regarding the origin and spread of leprosy such as infection of the Nile River, unhygienic food habits of the people and so on. 
People suffering from Leprosy had to face criticism and were subjected to stringent treatments even in the olden times. They were required to wear special attire and further had to carry a wooden clapper to warn other people that they were on the move. They were also prohibited from visiting public places such as mills, bake houses or churches and had to keep themselves way from touching other healthy people or eating with them. They were not allowed to walk in narrow footpaths or wash in the common water sources such as wells, streams and so on.
From what was known in the early times, we have come a long way understanding the disease. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium leprae that mainly invades the skin, mucous membranes and skin. Most people wrongly believe that leprosy is a skin disease. The truth, however, is that it is an air-borne disease, probably transmitted by minute respiratory droplets. G.A. Hansen first identified the bacteria in the year 1873, making it the first germ to be identified as a causative microorganism for any disease. It is also called as Hansen’s disease. 
The development of Dapsone in 1941 marked a milestone in the treatment of leprosy. Clofazimine and Rifampicin represent other most commonly used drugs. Widespread use of the drug during the 1970’s resulted in the development of resistance, making it ineffective when prescribed alone. By 1985, leprosy was viewed as a major public health issue in nearly 122 countries. The introduction of a combination of Rifampicin, Clofazimine and Dapsone (MDT) in the form of ‘blister pack’ revolutionized leprosy treatment for a second time. 
The provision of free MDT to several counties across the World, by the World Health Organization, restricted the further spread and incidence of the disease. The pharmaceutical company ‘Novartis’ deserves special mention with respect to the elimination of leprosy for its active participation. Sustained and consistent leprosy eradication programmes ensured the prevalence of leprosy to as low as 1 in 10,000 by the end of 2000. 
The effective implementation of MDT therapy in areas previously uncovered, early recognition of nerve damage and management of relapse following short-term MDT represent some of the challenges that have to be overcome to ensure complete eradication of leprosy.”

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