Friday, January 25, 2019

Oil based paint or water based acrylics?

If you crafting plastic model kit (like Gundam or the fans coin it as Gunpla), at some point of our crafting experience, we would go to the process of coloring our kit as part of finishing it. The only difference among us is either we opt for hand paint or spray.

Most of Gunpla builders are airbrush user where various tones and hues can be presented neatly or massively depending on what the builders are building. However, due to the high cost of owning and maintaining a proper set of air brush kit (and a good air compression), I choose to hand paint all my Gunpla kits to date.

Hand painting is common among war game figures painters (e.g. Warhammer) and war vehicles model kit builders. You hardly find any Gunpla hand painters here and I guess most builders don't like brush stroke caused on kit surface when we can opt for neat color layer by air brushing.

I opt for hand painting because I don't have physical space to store that chunky air compressor and spending too much on hobby is not my lifestyle. I personally think that hand paint can produce superb paint quality with practice over time, just look at master piece below,

This is a hand paint craft
Another reason of choosing hand paint over air brush is personal aesthetic that cherishes imperfection. Vulnerability is beauty and realistic. Such value is based on Japanese concept of wabi-sabi and the product of such culture value is kintsugi. Don't you think those neatly painted Gunpla looks more like toys (yes, I know, in the eyes of laymen, it is still toys).

They say art pieces are reflection of its creator thus, I choose the path of less taken...

After knowing what those Warhammer painters are using for their figures, I finally decided to buy a few bottles to see how Citadel water based acrylics works on Gunpla. The reason that made me hesitated was that the price of it. A bottle of Citadel acrylics costs RM 15 which is double that of Mr Color oil based paint which Gunpla builders use for coloring. So, what was the outcome?

I am still a newbie in hand painting
As all Gunpla builders has know, Mr Color series is oil based paint thus the color is thick and bright, suitable for 1 layer paint job. I am not sure whether it is an acrylic or not because when I google around, acrylic does melt with water but Mr Color is not. Probably it is due to its oil based nature? Citadel paint although looks dull, that is because I am currently painting on first layer and Citadel coloring does has layering procedures to kind of finishing what the ultimate presentation you want, look at the table below,

Confusing? Yep, I am still learning it. Besides this, Citadel is water based paint so whenever you don't like your color, you can just wipe it of with water as compare to specific alcoholic solvent for Mr Color. For those who is current about prolong inhale of paint as you are painting your model, Citadel is not smelly while Mr Color is...addictive for those hard core (not healthy la...).

You can currently get the cheapest Mr Color series at Modelland Workshop near KOMTAR while the only place to get Citadel paint on Penang island is RNG board game shop which location is provided with corresponding hyperlink attached. Feel free to give it a try on Gunpla and let's discuss how do you feel or use it! =)

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Review: Cozy Atria SOFO

What is the best thing when you are hosted by your own friend? Discount? Sort of, because being the first customer who booked a new unit listed in Airbnb, you get waived off service charges (Airbnb). However, I think it is best when you are given the chance to feedback on whichever points to be improved in existing unit so that your friend can avoid being complained in future (especially if s/he hosts a picky customer). Alas, let's go and visit her apartment (virtually, of course)!

Well, when you see this, you know that you are at the right place (search for Atria Shopping Gallery in Waze/Google Map). However, the entrance to the unit is not seen here but next to Paparich as indicated by this floor map,
The front the mall is somewhere at C02 in above floor map. Allow me to be excited because there is bicycle parking!
 Bicycle is the way to go as a advance city (I am a cycling advocate)! OK, back to how we can go up to the unit. We would be greeted by the security desk,
Then, we need to walk to the postbox of the unit to pick up the room keys. Of course, I can't show you here for security reason. One thing I need to highlight is that, Jane actually briefed me one day earlier on how to access the unit, how to use the facilities within the premise such as gaming console, TV, movie, table lights, pool, gym, food available around Atria Mall.
Such treatment was my first time since I have hosted by several Airbnb hosts in Malaysia for about 2 years (perhaps I seldom travel...). I feel welcome and convenient because basically all basic necessity is informed. OK, let's pickup the key and go up!
Scan the key card at this slide door,
ascend to the unit through either one of the 4 elevators. Once I reached level 16, turn left and open up the fire wall door and proceed as instructed,
There are only 2 doors to unlock,
and I was greeted by nice scent and a True Love,
Be polite and clean by putting shoes/sandals on the rack. Enjoy the clean, bright and spacious room!

Simple and nice decoration, isn't it? Now let's see what we have in this room. First of, the place where we poo, pee and shower...

I don't have to bring my shower gel (left) and shampoo (right) because they are provided!
Thus the only cleaner I need to bring is facial one (in case you forget, there is a shopping mall downstairs so it is convenient).

As a person who travel and emphasize on drinking clean water and keep hydration in check, seeing a proper water filter does make me feel comfortable and relax. Here it is the kitchen area,

need utensils for take-away?

need hot water?

basic utensils for simple food processing

chopper board for fruits cutting

hot & cot combo
I grew up without air conditioner so I only switched on fan throughout my stay. However, I am the rare breed now if I am seen in modern urban citizen. Fear not, there are 2 air-con to cool down the unit on top of the existence of powerful ceiling fan.
second aircon in the house

I have mentioned about gaming consoles for several times, so you may be wondering, what am I talking about. It is the 8-bit games that consolidates in one machine, with 2 joysticks.
this is how you access it,
cable of the joysticks are long enough for me to play it by sitting on the edge of the bed. If 8-bit games are not for you, I am sure modern people can't live wit hut Internet, right?
ISP: Maxis
This mobile modem allows up to 10 devices to connect to it. I don't think you bring more than that for a travel eh?
Update: The Internet in the room has upgraded to 100 Mbps Unifi!

If staying in a room is boring for you or you don't want to skip our workout routine, let's go to level 5!
Again, push the door open and you should see this ample space,

while I was strolling around that area, I was amazed that building management is paying attention to small details by educating public about plants that they choose to decorate this activity floor.

This is great because who knows we may spark the brain of new prodigy?

Now, let's see what else are in this level
meeting room is open for rental if you need it

This is not a modern high rise residence if there is no swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gym.

They are located next to each other.
Kudos for doing recycling!

empty space next to pool

make full use of wall decoration, a seat

C for toilet? washing closet, I guess
Air ventilation here is good. Besides, there are more than 10 species of landscape plants surrounding all these facilities. I am assuming this building is still new since there are only 2 persons are using the gym and it was weekend.

Alright, after dinner and some simple after-meal strolling (and looking for coffee) at Atria Mall, it is time to test the softness of the bed. Of course, I showered before touching the bed (for cleanliness sake, please do!)...
If you need to iron your clothes, and you know that I am bald, right?

The scene I see through window glasses as I am dozing into REM sleep...
The pillows are those hotel class (softness). There are 4 pillows (if you noticed the photo I shot earlier) and since I am here alone, I can grabbed all of them, Muahaha (pity this fellow, have to sleep alone with such cozy bed...)!

Good morning, people! My bus was scheduled to depart at 1000 hours at 1Utama Bus terminal. I woke up at 0700 so that I can explore food stores around this building before I left here. Taken a wantoon noodle at Kim Kee and grabbed a mocha to quench my coffee thirst. There are 2 cafes in Atria Mall that opens around 0800 - 0830 so that those who still can't find anything to bite at the shops around.
According to house rules,
We ought to discard thrash as we checking out from the house, so I proceed to thrash chamber located next to lift chambers to get rid of a bag of rubbish.

Please discard the thrash according to type, recycle!

Once this is done, I was ready to go home! With this, we shall reverse all the steps mentioned from this post to leave this cozy house.

This is place is Grab friendly, see!

With this, time to say: "Bye!"

p/s: Choose "1 Utama New Wing" as Grab destination instead of "Bus Terminal@1Utama" because these 2 locations are far apart (thanks, uncle for clarifying this for me)

Oil based paint or water based acrylics?

If you crafting plastic model kit (like Gundam or the fans coin it as Gunpla), at some point of our crafting experience, we would go to th...