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Another strike of incubus

My younger sister was murdered by the gangsters when she was on his way home from school…Dominated by the dismay and failure to protect my dear sister, I killed myself, leaving alone our mourning parents…(“The Mourning Parents”, sculpture by German sculptress, Käthe Kollwitz, located at Vladslo German Cemetery).......Argh…why am I having nightmares recently? This time, I was so shocked by the dream that I woke up from sleep! The image was vivid compare to the previous episode which mentioned about driving in the dark…Am I influenced by the examination? I am not stress.What about your recent living condition? As good as vacation!Longing for someone? I am going home and sure I miss my friends and family!Wait a minute, what are those going to do with your nightmare?Well, who cares? As long as I am still able to write it down here, I assume I may interpret recent dreams, someday in the future……

A Weird Dream

I had a dream during 0400 hours today.Before the dream slipped off my mind, I decided to write it here, in the hope that I can interpret it when I can.…I went to one of my female friends house in the favour of borrowing a car from her. I can’t remember who she was, but I did recall that she replied my request by handing me a car key of an old model Toyota Crown, which is something like this:It was in bad condition though. (in my dream)Without wasting any time, I was heading to my destination with the still-functioning Crown. I wanted to visit a site in somewhere which I don’t remembered. She asked to come along and I say OK. She drove a brand new black Perodua Myvi which was similar with this:By the time we departed, it was twilight. We took an hour to reach the site but the journey was proofed to be vain as the thing that I was looking for was no longer there. (can’t remember what was it)Before the day came to the total darkness, we left with despair. The return trip was dark and the…

Deepavali Vanakum

Happy Diwali to all of my Indian friends! (^o^)/
Today is a big day for them as the "Festival of Light” is celebrated for the victory of good over evil within every human kind, according to Indian legend.
First of all, I’ll like to thank Adam for bringing me all around the Sabah for today trip, along with one of his student in his language center who comes from Yokohama, Japan and studying International Sociology in Yokohama City University. She has being coming here for 3 months for her study trip to Malaysia to experience the festival atmosphere lively. (consequently she have to summit a paper for that) Finally, I have one Japanese friend! ^^
We started our day by visiting a local well-known Hinduism temple. (forget the name! >~<) We were welcomed to follow their praying ritual and one of Aiko Tomita’s objectives was achieved. The whole ritual took around an hour and I was surprised to know that Indian student of University Malaysia Sabah had applied for three buses to b…

World Mental Health Day

Does anyone today is the World Mental Health Day? What is World Mental Health Day?
"World Mental Health Day (October 10), is a day for global mental health education, awareness and advocacy. It was first celebrated in 1992 at the initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health, a global mental health organization with members and contacts in more than 150 countries."                 -Wikipedia
This year, the World Federation for Mental Health strive to "focus on where we came from and what needs to be done yet for the future. We will highlight different levels of advocacy and its role in creating change and the need for scaling up services so all people have access to information, personalized treatment, and resources to assist them in all aspects of their recovery," (World Federation for Mental Health, 2008)  by the theme "MAKING MENTAL HEALTH A GLOBAL PRIORITY: SCALING UP SERVICES THROUGH CITIZEN ADVOCACY AND ACTION."

From my own observation and re…

Badminton match

It has been a while since my last participation in any badminton competition. (in fact, I start to practice it since 2 weeks ago after half year break) As usual, for an intermediate players like me, I lost but I was satisfied as I did learn some from the match.Well, I attended the badminton competition organized by Sabah Baptist Church this afternoon. The venue was not very ideal as the visibility inside the hall is poor due to the old lightning systems and the wall which consisted of endless holes...Anyway, I did have a good match with several good players. (even though some of them were aunties! lol) There was one 14 years old national player playing and all of his family members were participated. Guess what, they are tough! I paired with his elder sister but our opponent was his mother and good friend. You may think that they were about the same level but my score for that match was 17-21...Experience does matter! I will like to thank my partner for her full attention on the match…

Is your food clean?

Recently there are a lots of news and controversy regarding melamine contaminated dairy products from China. Personally, I am not familiar with chemistry, but roughly from what I have read regarding this harmful chemical, the main consequences of over-intake is the production of kidney stone. I will like to warn my dear readers about this. Please be careful when you buy any imported food and read the food label before you purchase (it is another good consumer habit which is always being ignored) because the affected food is not only including milk products but currently, it also involves vegetables! Look at the news from Bernama:

KOTA KINABALU: The Health Ministry is now on high alert over melamine-tainted vegetables imported from China.
“We have learnt from South Korea that they have detected a high level of melamine in vegetables they import from China,” said Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai.
“We have launched a Level 4 check on all food products from China where we will take sampl…

Good bye, PAP UMS 2008...

I guess after the appreciation dinner, the Pesta Ang Pow (or Chinese New Year Night) University Malaysia Sabah 2008 has came to its end. The hard work and the joy that we have gone through has remained as part of our memory in UMS...
The Appreciation Dinner of PAP UMS 2008 was held yesterday at Le Meridien hotel (I heard it is a five star hotel) after gone through many obstacles. Every attended committee members makes up heavily than I don't remember meeting them, waw! For example, look at the picture below:

(Me, Grace and Doreen were standing while Yi Juan, Jenice, Yi Ming and Ai Xuan were sitting. They are my coursemates!)
Well, I know somebody will say this is just the normal dinner attire and make ups, why am I feeling so strange about it....I have a bad taste in fashion as you can see. If not, why am I wearing black T-shirt and black pants like one of the waiters in the hotel?
Anyway, for your information, I HATE FORMAL WEAR! That's why I never wear them during balls. Social …

An expensive lunch

Guess how much does this dish cost?
RM4? RM4.50? RM5?
These are the acceptable price range to us, the West Penisularian, well, I guess some Sabahans too. But this meal was not included in that range, instead it cost meRM7.50!!! (O.o"")
I took my lunch in KK Plaza before I did my shopping with Kar Fei (purchased our "surviving stocks"). First of all, I rejected other choices in food court as those dishes cost around RM5 and they were worth that for me (even though that may be acceptable for local). Nevertheless I preferred economic rice. Well, the meal ended up as "non-economic". I was astounded when I saw the cash register machine displayed "RM7.50"! No choice, I had to pay for it as there was no way to reject this dish.
Rice + fried long beans + fried egg with long beans + fish balls + fish cakes = RM7.50? That's expensive! Until now I still have not had any clue that this dish cost so much.
No wonder, some say that the economy in Sabah is hard …

The most satisfied Mid-Autumn Festival ever!

Never being so contented whenever I mention about Mid-autumn festival... But for this year, I felt so great about the celebration of this traditional festival... Well, at least I have eaten almost 10+ mooncakes in 3 days... Frankly speaking, I have never eaten so many before due to my background...
I started off from the invitation from Adam to attend the church celebration on last Saturday. Instead of eating bunch of mooncakes, I ended up eating more spaghetti than mooncakes as our late arrival. (Well, I don't blame him) Anyway, I had a goodtimes with them for the whole night, thanks Adam!
On the next day, invitation from an auntie known in Sabah (whose restaurant is full of delicious vegetarian meals ^^) to be presented. This time, it is the celebration of Tsu Chi. First time attending their activity made me felt anxious about the organisation. Met some Chung Ling juniors and we had a great night together! (of course not without those mooncakes) The moment where we solved the ridd…


再次谢谢你的光临,希望这里会继续带给你xxx7a0608的最新消息! (^o^)/