Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Careless lost

I lost my wallet after I dined in Gurney Plaza food court.

As the consequences, you name it. Identity card, driving license, student card, bookshop membership cards, organ donor card, ATM cards, precious private picture and 150+ bucks.

Painful and pricy lesson, wasn’t it? I wonder why I keep wasting money on important lesson in my life.

Behind every unlucky event, there is something new to be learned. For example, I knew how to apply for replacement copy of important documents, cancel the ATM cards, how to handle the lost emotionally. Frankly speaking, I was wondering about how long will I take to mourn about this issue…

Anyway, there is some good news, too. Student receives 50% debate on replacement identity card compound, do you know that? I hope I will get the same treatment tomorrow when I proceed to Road Traffic Department for replaced driving license! =P

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Jamming Penang

A lesson to be learned. Don’t go out whenever there is parade going on unless you’re one of the participants or audience.
I was planning to drive to Gurney Plaza to buy Power Station new album, Moving On.

Well, I was moving on to buy this album despite the heavy traffic jam at Scotland Road. That was the only way to Pulau Tikus area, as Macalister Road and Burma Road were blocked for the Vesak Day parade.
Am I sounds emotive?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Deja vu…Excited yet unlucky

Ever heard of deja vu, or the pre-conception of certain event before its actual occurrence? Sixth sense, extra sensory perception (ESP) et cetera refer to the same subject.
Whenever I have a clear picture of certain event in my mind during my sleep, it is most likely to happen in reality. I dreamt about motorcycle which is running out of petrol when I reach university, during my afternoon nap before my Japanese final exam.
As expected, it occurred after I woke up from my nap and this is how the whole excited but unfortunate series of small incidents happened to me:
Woke up from nap since I have bike, I still managed to reach university on time, I thought…
The bike did not responded when I pull the throttle. To my horror, the dream came true. I stopped at the front gate of university with the security guard’s yell, “Ah Chai, motor tak ada minyakkah?” After resting the bike near the security hut, I rushed to exam hall.
Reached DKP 2 safely but the listening section of the exam had gone to Question 4. I grabbed the paper and started to follow the sequence of the listening test.
Handed up the listening test answer sheet along with attendance sheet which would be collected next. I hope the invigilators did not miss out my attendance sheet…
What do you think?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Money matters

Seeing some of the friends are graduating soon, I feel grateful for them. However, when I imagine this as what will happen during the next year, I feel anxious and tense.
I guess if you’re studying somewhere far from your hometown, the arrangement of brief travel around the location which you’re studying, is somehow a must for your family when they visit you during your convocation. Do you agree? Well, at least, for me, it is a “yes” since my parents keep mentioning that during those phone calls.
Therefore, I had followed my friend to arrange this for his family who will visit Sabah in the near future (October, 2009). We were surveying the price for the accommodation since it is quite a challenge to get a room which is reasonable in term of payment and safety. Excluding those luxurious hotels in Kota Kinabalu, we have the price ranges from 65 bucks to RM280 per night for a family size room. Well, you can imagine what we have for the cheapest (best setting for horror movie) and the most expensive (3 stars).
After that we speculated for the rough budget for the travel around Kota Kinabalu which included visit to Kundasan, Kudat, seafood meals, transportation etc. Including my friend himself, the budget was for 5 persons. The figure was expected to reach around 2K and I was stunned for  few seconds…
I tried not to imagine about that as this was not my main concern, yet. Gestalt therapy says thinking about the future will only make you more anxious and stressful. Unfortunately, when I attempted to figure this out from another perspective, I knew that if I would not disappoint my family during that time, I have to think about how to accumulate the money from now own.
Seems contradict, right? I am more sensitive to money, anyway, especially when it involves third party…

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Throughout all the troubles that my friends or people around me, I found that I lack for a critical element as someone who wish to help, emphatic care. Take for example, whenever there is someone who is feeling terrible physical pain, I will anxious for my ignorance to solve the problem.
This is an obstacle to be a psychotherapist. From the moment I learned this from the book, I know that is the hardest part for me. As someone may say, skills can be easily acquired but it is not the case for change of personality.
Is it due to the reason that I was growing from a family without love and care? Or I am the one who is so ignorant to my parents’ love and care? Love and care can take many form, but I hardly feel the way my parents’ style.
Shall I to be blamed? But that does not help me to develop how to care and love! I heard of someone saying this before, “The easiest way to know about love and care, is to put yourself into others’ shoes when they are showing their love or care to you.”
What do you think?

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