Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar

This is my first attempt in writing a product review. Not sure how it goes, but I am just going to do it with my words anyway...

Today, we are going to look at Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar by Human Nature.
How is this bar of soap looks like? Well, as you can see at the website, it looks like this:
Black soap?!
Yep, and this is how it was described by Human Nature:

"Pure Strength Black Diamond Cleansing Bar contains nature's powerful deep-cleansing ingredient Bamboo Charcoal known in East Asia as the “Black Diamond”, said to have numerous health benefits. It’s charged with all-natural premium powerful ingredients and none of the compromising chemicals so staying clean and looking good goes beyond good grooming. It’s good stewardship.

Our cleansing bar is cold-processed, which means that it takes more time to make than your usual chemical soaps, which are hot-processed. Hot-processing removes the naturally hydrating glycerin in soap, which is often replaced afterward with synthetic fillers and harmful additives that leave the skin dry and dull after bathing. Cold-processing, on the other hand, produces high-quality soap that retains beneficial natural glycerin which keeps skin soft and hydrated. As a bonus, cold-processing consumes less energy and produces less waste -- so it's not only skin-friendly, but eco-friendly as well!

Did you know: Found in many soaps and washes, Triclocarban is a chemical known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties -- which is why it may come as a shock that it’s also known to interfere with normal development and bodily functions in humans and animals.1 Because of its common household use, triclocarban easily finds its way into the wastewater stream and frequently turns up in sewage sludge. The worst part? Triclocarban is a highly persistent chemical in the environment and takes more than ten years to degrade!2

Dermatologist-tested as non-irritating and safe"

Yep, it is safe to use even if you're having dermatological issues, unless you really have problem with its ingredients (based on site):

"Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate (sugarcane-derived), sodium gluconate (sugarcane-derived), coco glucoside (coconut-derived), glyceryl oleate (coconut-derived), stearic acid, decyl glucoside (coconut-derived), Mentha piperita (peppermint) essential oil, Mentha arvensis (corn mint) essential oil, charcoal (bamboo-derived)"

Good thing about this soap is that it does not contain microbeads like major cleaning liquids we use. In the other words, it is environmental friendly. What is microbeads, you say? Story of Stuff has a very good materials to explain the impact of micrbeads on our living environment which I think we shall check it out.
OK, enough of those introduction and description. How is it really feel like if you use it? Well, this is my personal account.

It is a black soap, yes, because it is made with bamboo charcoal but it does not creates black bubbles like what I get while washing hands after mechanical repair works. It does not smell anything particular with its dry condition but when it is in contact with water, it starts to smell nice (coconut oil smell, unless you don't like it). Sensationally speaking, my body feels fresh like my body is chewing pepper mint (you know, that kind of sensation when you take pepper mint).

It is selling at RM 16.90 and buy 3 items from Human Nature Malaysia, you get to enjoy free delivery!

p/s: I am not a spoke person for Human Nature Malaysia (they don't pay me for this!) and aforementioned statement was just personal opinion.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Dream of finding a job in Singapore and a primary school mate

Now if you're still reading this blog and wonder why I kept writing about dream, you can check out previous posts for the reason behind it, otherwise, here is another account of dream which I still remember by the time I am awake...

Somewhere in Singapore, I was holding my backpack and asking for a temporary stay with my primary school friend who was working in Singapore (in dream) before I got my rental unit.

The lovely lady in red who appeared in my dream
"Where is your house?" looking around a very run down apartment, I asked.

"Climb the stairs all the way to final level. There is only one unit at final floor and you would not be mistaken!"

"OK, See you!"

As I reached the final staircase of the apartment, a very modern and nicely furbished unit appeared in front of me. It amazed me because how can this unit can be so different compare to the rest of the units below this level? Anyway, I pressed on the door bell and she welcomed me in...

"As expected for a lawyer, you have such a wonderful house."

"Well, who wanna see a terrible house after days of tiring work?"


That's it for this account. Out of so many written dream, I don't think I got any clue for this one. Of course, when we talk about dream, no one writes any better interpretation than Sigmund Freud.

Wikipedia: Original cover of German edition writing of The Interpretation of Dream
I don't personally agree 100% with Freud but his masterpiece is still inspiring psychologists today, like author of

So what have you dreamed recently?

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


800? As in monetary term or? If you are an active bicyclist in Penang island, you will be familiar to this number because it is one of those favourite stop point for cyclist in Penang which looks like this:

"Yeah, I did it again!" Photo credited to Samuel

OK, that fellow in yellow is my bestie's colleague, and that was his second attempt to achieve this checkpoint (man, look at his facial expression as compare to first attempt, I am sure you know how someone feels like to ride a long distance without any prior riding experience).

No pain, no gain
I started routine cycling since Samuel (the guy with helmet) influenced and encouraged me and the other best friend of ours to exercise regularly. Considering pros and cons for most exercise available, we finally settle with cycling (though we know that swimming is the best considering it creates least impact to the body).

It was nice cycling trip if you have chance to cycle along this path and this path is usually filled with cyclists during weekend morning. Since I am departing from my house in Georgetown, the whole round trip will look like this:

mapped using Stava

It was about 64.3 km with about 1300 m elevation (discounting my ride from home to Tesco Tanjung Tokong, it would be around 50km for round trip). The toughest section would be the climb to Teluk Pahang Dam where the steepness is approximately more than 20 degree. Sounds hard? It depends on how strong your legs and heart is. We often see riders around 60+ years old at the check point so is it really impossible for beginner?

Well, OK, it is a little bit tough for beginner when you are looking at the slope heading to the dam...

serene and spectacular view of Teluk Bahang Dam
Think again. Remember, that fellow mentioned at the beginning of this post? He did his first ride with a mountain bike (which is tough for first timer because it requires more energy to push the bike forward) and he did it. There is a will, there is a way (well, more like pushing your limit over your previous limit)! Come and join us to ride every weekend! =D

Friday, March 18, 2016

Captain Ball

Captain ball? That sounds like something you play with team (of course...) and there is someone leading the team, right?

Do you know what is that? I throw the same question to my friend who is a American missionary and he just shook his head...

Ok, so this captain ball...
Still no clue?
Now you probably got it right? I don't know where and when it was originated but I got to play this first time 4 years back in church youth group and it seems that Penang church youth groups play this very often and they even have competition for this sport!
(for more photos:

So how do you play this game? It works pretty much like basketball except that you cannot bounce the ball on the floor (which means only pass is legit) and one member from the team will act as the goal post, like this:

In the other words, referee will toss the ball up air to mark the start of a game and players from both sides will try to grab the ball like how basketball begins. Then, players will pass the ball around, try to get the ball and throw it to their respective goalie to score (goalie has to grab the ball for at least 3 seconds to validate one score). You probably may ask why the goalie has to stand on top of a chair? Isn't it dangerous when players are too close to goalie and hit the goalie? Well...I don't have the answer...and same goes to my church mates...

Glorious moment when Ace player, Audrey readied for another goal shot.
Anyway, we did have a lot of great moment and like any other casual sport groups in Penang, we ended our day with a group dining, at Sri Ananda (talking about burning calories...).

p/s: Sri Ananda Macalister Road did not to charge us 10% extra fee on our bill for dining in their air-conditioned room (which was noted on the room entrance) because the restaurant is full...



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