Dream of finding a job in Singapore and a primary school mate

Now if you're still reading this blog and wonder why I kept writing about dream, you can check out previous posts for the reason behind it, otherwise, here is another account of dream which I still remember by the time I am awake...

Somewhere in Singapore, I was holding my backpack and asking for a temporary stay with my primary school friend who was working in Singapore (in dream) before I got my rental unit.

The lovely lady in red who appeared in my dream
"Where is your house?" looking around a very run down apartment, I asked.

"Climb the stairs all the way to final level. There is only one unit at final floor and you would not be mistaken!"

"OK, See you!"

As I reached the final staircase of the apartment, a very modern and nicely furbished unit appeared in front of me. It amazed me because how can this unit can be so different compare to the rest of the units below this level? Anyway, I pressed on the door bell and she welcomed me in...

"As expected for a lawyer, you have such a wonderful house."

"Well, who wanna see a terrible house after days of tiring work?"


That's it for this account. Out of so many written dream, I don't think I got any clue for this one. Of course, when we talk about dream, no one writes any better interpretation than Sigmund Freud.

Wikipedia: Original cover of German edition writing of The Interpretation of Dream
I don't personally agree 100% with Freud but his masterpiece is still inspiring psychologists today, like author of YourDost.com:


So what have you dreamed recently?