800? As in monetary term or? If you are an active bicyclist in Penang island, you will be familiar to this number because it is one of those favourite stop point for cyclist in Penang which looks like this:

"Yeah, I did it again!" Photo credited to Samuel

OK, that fellow in yellow is my bestie's colleague, and that was his second attempt to achieve this checkpoint (man, look at his facial expression as compare to first attempt, I am sure you know how someone feels like to ride a long distance without any prior riding experience).

No pain, no gain
I started routine cycling since Samuel (the guy with helmet) influenced and encouraged me and the other best friend of ours to exercise regularly. Considering pros and cons for most exercise available, we finally settle with cycling (though we know that swimming is the best considering it creates least impact to the body).

It was nice cycling trip if you have chance to cycle along this path and this path is usually filled with cyclists during weekend morning. Since I am departing from my house in Georgetown, the whole round trip will look like this:

mapped using Stava

It was about 64.3 km with about 1300 m elevation (discounting my ride from home to Tesco Tanjung Tokong, it would be around 50km for round trip). The toughest section would be the climb to Teluk Pahang Dam where the steepness is approximately more than 20 degree. Sounds hard? It depends on how strong your legs and heart is. We often see riders around 60+ years old at the check point so is it really impossible for beginner?

Well, OK, it is a little bit tough for beginner when you are looking at the slope heading to the dam...

serene and spectacular view of Teluk Bahang Dam
Think again. Remember, that fellow mentioned at the beginning of this post? He did his first ride with a mountain bike (which is tough for first timer because it requires more energy to push the bike forward) and he did it. There is a will, there is a way (well, more like pushing your limit over your previous limit)! Come and join us to ride every weekend! =D