Captain Ball

Captain ball? That sounds like something you play with team (of course...) and there is someone leading the team, right?

Do you know what is that? I throw the same question to my friend who is a American missionary and he just shook his head...

Ok, so this captain ball...
Still no clue?
Now you probably got it right? I don't know where and when it was originated but I got to play this first time 4 years back in church youth group and it seems that Penang church youth groups play this very often and they even have competition for this sport!
(for more photos:

So how do you play this game? It works pretty much like basketball except that you cannot bounce the ball on the floor (which means only pass is legit) and one member from the team will act as the goal post, like this:

In the other words, referee will toss the ball up air to mark the start of a game and players from both sides will try to grab the ball like how basketball begins. Then, players will pass the ball around, try to get the ball and throw it to their respective goalie to score (goalie has to grab the ball for at least 3 seconds to validate one score). You probably may ask why the goalie has to stand on top of a chair? Isn't it dangerous when players are too close to goalie and hit the goalie? Well...I don't have the answer...and same goes to my church mates...

Glorious moment when Ace player, Audrey readied for another goal shot.
Anyway, we did have a lot of great moment and like any other casual sport groups in Penang, we ended our day with a group dining, at Sri Ananda (talking about burning calories...).

p/s: Sri Ananda Macalister Road did not to charge us 10% extra fee on our bill for dining in their air-conditioned room (which was noted on the room entrance) because the restaurant is full...




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