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My first experience in Giant Flagship Store Penang

Sometimes I heard some outsider said, even if you don't know anything about cycling, Giant is not unfamiliar. I guess the fact is that Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and they are responsible for Original Design Manufacturing for other big brands like Colnago, Scott, Specialized etc.

I will leave the rest for you to find out about them, now let's get back to my experience in shopping with Giant Flagship Store Penang.

My first Lapierre Audacio 300 was stolen in April, second bike Eddy Merckx Sallanche 64 was cracked in September...and I get my third one in December!

People like my size is hard to find a suitable size because I am short (161.5cm), Asian....initially, I was considering Canyon Endurace AL 8 disc for its new Ultegra disc brake build, however, after thinking that Giant is providing free fitting service upon purchasing new bike from them and Canyon is shipping directly from German (which means you really have to get your size correctly, otherw…

Unboxing Cateye Auto Sensor Reflector Tail Light TL-AU165

Reflector and back light 2 in 1? Yes, or not surprise from Cateye which has wide range of bicycle lights for consumers. We are having this in our online store now.

Without further a due, let's see what is inside the package!
The light unit, instruction manual and light holder bracket. Simple and clean, isn't it?

Wait, how do you turn on that thing? Well, you probably may wanna check out its features:
Automatically turns on and starts flashing when darkness and motion are detected by the motion and light sensors (light turns off automatically when you stop)Stays on function (continues flashing around 1 minute to ensure safety after you have stopped at traffic lights)Reflector compliant with JIS Japanese Industrial Standards (Even if battery runs out, the reflector works to reflect light from vehicles, ensuring safety)Runs for 6 months without replacing battery (when used for 30 minutes a day) You get a cell (Lithium battery, CR2032) within the light unit. Depending on when …

Are you ready for next financial crisis?

Got this from my broker newsletter, Halifax NZ this morning and I think it is quite helpful (despite you may not be Millennial),

Like I mentioned in my Facebook page, I think a lot of people (including me) find #3 is a challenge for them because we are living in an instant gratifying era where we forget that the key to success includes delayed gratification and patience is virtue.

You are not alone.

Company Halloween party

I guess it is more than just Pumpkin head, Frankenstein, vampire for costume selection nowadays. It more colorful and cheerful selection in 2017, like zombie, Hatsune Miku, Gundam (yes, there is a guy who cosplay this mecha series...) because we are living in Cosplay era!

I was actually thinking of this,
but the cheapest I can find in various online shops are at least RM200+, so forget about it.

What do you plan to do for this coming Halloween?

The Reformation and Ecclesiology: Calvin's Ordinances ~ English-Mandarin Bi-lingual Open seminar

While the world is crazy about what to do on Halloween (especially in this Cosplay era) which is next Tuesday, the Reformed Christians are commemorating the 500th year since Martin Lurther pinned Ninety-five Theses on churches in Wittenberg, which is also serves as the foundation of Protestant Christianity. It is also known as Reformation Day (31st October).

I attended public seminar by China Horizon which focused on the above titles because this kind of topics usually attracted me (ya, I love boring subjects...). This will help me to understand the basis of my belief, too. On top of that, it was hold at my church (so ya, it is good to go home...)!
It was taught by Dr Samuel Ling (my favorite pastor, too due to his prowess in Chinese, English and music) and just in case you are not familiar with him, he taught in bilingual simultaneously and he told us why during the seminar.

Here are the notes distributed during the seminar and below are some more points by Dr Samuel Ling, from my m…

Distant World ~ Music from Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary edition (Jiritsu 而立)

If you do not heard of Final Fantasy, you probably are not a electronic gamer or don't have someone near to you as one, but it is ok, life is more fantastic outside of gaming world....

Just like how Square Enix is able to turn all its game OST (original soundtrack) into an orchestra performance since 2007 (thus this year marked the 10th year anniversary of this stand alone business entity). Final Fantasy, however was born 30 years ago, to be precise, 12 December 1987 (ya, as old as me).

Distant World is actually not the first attempt for Square Enix to try sell OST as separate entity, in fact the great composer of FF, Nobou Uematsu actually formed and disbanded a rock band that play FF OST before, they called themselves The Black Mages (I still have their original CDs, gosh it is priceless...).

I am not the one who is very keen to go for live performance but since my sister did not want to go unless I accompanied her so.... She is quite upset when Distant World first released the…

My very first option trade

The only way to complete a learning cycle is to practice it, acknowledge the outcome, learn from the outcome (mostly failure, if you got it right, you are just plain lucky) and repeat the cycle again. Cognition is defined by encoding, restoring and retrieving information. Most people with average or above intelligence can do first 2 steps with ease but the last step, usually tested an individual confidence level and I found that a lot of people are stuck at this phase because it involves something so dear to them (e.g. money).

In my experience mixing with people who took up a financial workshop or tutorial, especially those catered on investment, a lot of people took months to begin to start their first step even though they actually have nothing to lose except for their time (because you can practice your learned skills with virtual money or we called it paper trading). This will somehow define are you a person with high or low confidence and I will leave this for some …

Team DNA (Penang)

I was introduced by my primary school mate, Samuel Shee into this team since he influenced me into serous cycling 3 years.

Here are some of them (photo taken during Permatang Pauh Fellowship Ride 2017 by one of the team mates),