Friday, December 8, 2017

My first experience in Giant Flagship Store Penang

Sometimes I heard some outsider said, even if you don't know anything about cycling, Giant is not unfamiliar. I guess the fact is that Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world and they are responsible for Original Design Manufacturing for other big brands like Colnago, Scott, Specialized etc.

I will leave the rest for you to find out about them, now let's get back to my experience in shopping with Giant Flagship Store Penang.

My first Lapierre Audacio 300 was stolen in April, second bike Eddy Merckx Sallanche 64 was cracked in September...and I get my third one in December!

People like my size is hard to find a suitable size because I am short (161.5cm), Asian....initially, I was considering Canyon Endurace AL 8 disc for its new Ultegra disc brake build, however, after thinking that Giant is providing free fitting service upon purchasing new bike from them and Canyon is shipping directly from German (which means you really have to get your size correctly, otherwise you will be guilty over the wrong purchase). Given that I insist on trying disc brake build for future road bike preference, I finally decided on Giant Contend Sl 1 Disc (2017)
The communication between the boss and I was smooth, filled with various trading craps, too (he happens to be a stock trader, too)...

So, fund accumulated, let's go!

Good thing about fitting in Giant Penang, you get to try Wahoo Kickr and Zwift for free during the process (hmm, indirect marketing? hehe...). Of course, prior to hoping on the bike, I had to be measured on my inseam,

76.5cm, official
It is important to get saddle height correctly when you are pedaling because riding too high or too low may hurt your knee where cycling is suppose to protect it (by building up gluteal muscles group aka thigh). Of course, it takes more than inseam height to get your saddle height correctly, like riding posture,

handle bar angle (not really picking up by photo),

All is taken care by careful fitting by the mechanic here in Giant Flagship Store Penang, just the boos said, we would make sure you get everything correct and comfortable before leaving our store. Of course, we are welcome to come back for any tuning or servicing after the purchase.

Since I had my own cleat pedals, they adjust my cleat position, too!

Lastly, a ceremonial gift from Giant Penang for every customer who buys a bicycle from them!

Feel free to drop by because they provide more than just Giant products, here are some other products they have,

By the way, they are selling Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT GPS Bike Computer Bundle, too!

Photo credit to Kenneth Wong, my lovely team mate who drove me to the store and taking these photos! (Hope you get your next TCR frame soon!)

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