Distant World ~ Music from Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary edition (Jiritsu 而立)

If you do not heard of Final Fantasy, you probably are not a electronic gamer or don't have someone near to you as one, but it is ok, life is more fantastic outside of gaming world....

Just like how Square Enix is able to turn all its game OST (original soundtrack) into an orchestra performance since 2007 (thus this year marked the 10th year anniversary of this stand alone business entity). Final Fantasy, however was born 30 years ago, to be precise, 12 December 1987 (ya, as old as me).

Distant World is actually not the first attempt for Square Enix to try sell OST as separate entity, in fact the great composer of FF, Nobou Uematsu actually formed and disbanded a rock band that play FF OST before, they called themselves The Black Mages (I still have their original CDs, gosh it is priceless...).

I am not the one who is very keen to go for live performance but since my sister did not want to go unless I accompanied her so.... She is quite upset when Distant World first released the 2017 world tour schedule without including Malaysia...and I guess God answered her prayer but including it somewhere around August (based on organizer's posting on Facebook).

Yay, they have backdrop for people to "punch card" now!

Yep, the chocobo is priceless, unique and one-and-only (by my sister)
So here we were, quite nice seat compare to our last visit to KLCC Plenary Hall for Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour. My bad, because I didn't know that we can choose our seat during ticket purchase phase at TicketPro site...

Well, it ends up better than my expectation despite the fact that the merchandise counter queue was crazily long. These were what they sold that day,
and we only bought this,
not the Moogle (by the way, Chocobo was sold out)
...because we think the art leaflet was the only thing that worth our money...

The track list for the night was printed in the leaflet with some surprise addition...

Oh ya, there was a new trailer for FF7 Remake broadcasted during Opening - Bombing Mission (FFVII) so ya, a real surprise for a FF gamer like me...

OK, I can't remember most of the addition but it definitely ends with this....
Like he said, it is not a FF Orchestra performance if there is no One-Winged Angel (片翼の天使 Katayoku no Tenshi). In fact we were asked by Arnie Roth, the conductor to sing along when Sephiroth was sang by the choir!

For more photos from official site, you can check this out!


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