Sunday, November 27, 2011


I had my second Starbucks experience today where Juliana bought me a cup of Starbucks Cappucino because I managed to get her a Starbucks card.

I like the tagline showed as displayed,

"Let's Remember Why we go together so well".

She bought me this as a gift of gratitude. While I was holding this drink to attend Women's Centre for Change Penang (WCC) New Building Fund Raising at Little Penang Street Market, another volunteer was saying that I tempted her with Starbucks.

During the lunch break, I grabbed her a cup of Blended Cream Mocha and she was so happy! She shared the drink with her mum and her brother and we managed to discuss more about her future study plan in psychology. I helped her to clarify about various psychological fields and we exchange opinions about our career path in psychology.

With a cup of Starbucks,

We get to know each other better,
We started a new friendship.

Therefore, I would like to add a small tagline as below,

"It's more than just coffee: Let's just remember why we go together so well"

What say you?


p/s: This post sounds like a free advertisement for Starbucks... =P

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you sure you will serve freely?

While waiting for mechanic to complete his service to my motorcycle, I had a inspiring conversation with his sister.

"If I don't have to worry about my living costs, I shall help anyone without any charge," I started our conversation.

"Are you sure? If someone will fully sponsor your food, accommodation and transport, will you really help freely?"

"Yuh, why not? But in life, I am still hunger of knowledge."

"Aren't you saying that you will provide your help freely? Now you sound like you will still hope for money in return of your help because you want the money to exchange for what you want," she confronted.


A simple sentence which caused me to reconsider why do I stay in helping profession since years back.

She was happy that she managed to discover my logical flaw within this simple conversation. I admit for my imperfection, but what fascinated me, is that she helped me to think about my decision, passion and motive in helping.

I believe that I can help others with the skills that I have learned, shared the painful and inspiring experience with others, be prepared to be a active listener, be a committed counselor... However, when looking at what I had done so far, recapitulated this conversation, I began to ask myself again,

"Why do I help?"

I fell to the knees and pray...

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