Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Port Dickson Beach


From, the day I left to Singapore, I know the life of going around the globe is going to be part of my life despite my passport is only consisted of Singapore stamps.

16 May, I went to Port Dickson beach along with Philips who had routine swim around the beach with his cousin. The beach is not as nice as always broadcasting in advertisement, perhaps I haven’t gone the best spot, according to Philips. The worst thing about the beach that I went was, a lot of after-barbeque-charcoal floating on top of the coast line water. Since when the people will have the awareness of saving the earth or at least, clean your stuff after the party…

Singapore > Kota Kinabalu > Seremban > ?
What is next?

I only know what I have after I lost it…

That’s one of the lines Shrek mentioned when he lost his beloved wife, Fiona in Shrek Forever After…

Personally, I haven’t watched Shrek 3 but I went along to watch the ending chapter of the series with Philips. I heard someone saying that Shrek 3 brought up daily family issues in the movie such as parenting roles. If the movie serves as the continuum of previous movies, then I am not surprise that family crisis or divorce serves as the consequences of a family, especially when the film is made by America where divorce rate is peaking high.

Fortunately, the theme did not end up negatively but it was posed as turning point of a family when crisis surfaces. At the beginning of the movie, Shrek had made himself clear that he is bored with paternal responsibility in the family while not knowing that family was he had fought for as a source of happiness. He was bored to be a father and husband and he wants to be himself again.

His intention was identified by a tricky elf. The elf offered to realize Shrek’s wish but the real intention of the elf was to manipulate Shrek to gain source of pride over the ruling of Far Far Away. Nevertheless, Shrek lost everything he had, friends, family and freedom.

It is from this particular period of upset, Shrek rediscover the meaning of friendship and love by various challenges including facing his wife, Fiona who turned out to be a person with total opposite characteristics in the imaginary world created by the elf.

As for the ending, I guess we are familiar enough with typical Dreamwork animation ending. What I have seen from the movie, perhaps is the main theme of the movie, appreciation. Appreciate those around you and don’t take them for granted. How long since the last time you have the rush of passion with your wife/partner? =)


“Happy Birthday” from various persons in my life poured in. How I wished to replied them, but I don’t have access to Facebook.

How did I pass the day? No big blast, party, movie, and gathering but another day of practicum and strolling around Seremban 2 (shopping mall in Seremban, apparently…). Bought myself a book about Noetic Science and asked for another title to Grace. Thanks, Grace!

Disappointed, because I was hoping to receive text from her but it ended up nothing… No SMS, Facebook message, wall…

Happy Birthday, perhaps it is the time I shall have grown up and learned to give up.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Role reversal?

It says "Girl Now Outperform Boys in Every Country Across The Developed World"...

Got this while I was browsing a techno magazine.

It's true, the number of female in universities across the globe outnumber male,

Female has broken the glass ceiling that prevent them from moving to higher hierarchy in many organizations,

Possible of global role reversal in near future?

I need help from my friend's valuable opinion from sociological and anthropological point of view.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


2 months ago, came nephew of landlady.

Perhaps he is new to our house, he didn’t know how to interact with we, renters, he created a lot of troubles. What had become a fact is that he consumed my shampoos and promised to return me a new one but I have not receive anything from him by the time this is written.

According to landlady, he had dysfunctional relationship with his family. Despite being the youngest son in the family, he didn’t seem to receive any good treatment from his family. He stopped his polytechnic courses and decided to work for his brother-in-law, as a closed-circuit television technician. After some disagreement with his brother-in-law, he started his own business in the same industry.

We stayed in the same house, but he has not paid landlady any cent. Whenever landlady is trying to cue about payment he will give some unreasonable excuses. That reminds me about his attitude as my irresponsible father and helpless mother who was trying hard to support the family. Therefore, I treated him the same way as I what I did with my father previously.

I received I had done, and the first day of Chinese New Year is not happy.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dream about mother

Yesterday, I have dreamed about my family. Every members were welcoming my return from Kota Kinbalu except for my mum who was not happy.

I could hardly recalled the scenes in the dream but I do remember the vivid images of my mum shouting at me with despair.

"Why are you coming home? Have you fulfill your responsibility as a son? How much have you done to help me lighten the burden?Do you know hard I have to work in order to maintain this family? How come you be so selfish? Have you ever think of my feeling?"


Sigmund Freud mentioned that dream is "royal road to unconscious."

How much do you think I have repressed my emotion?

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