Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Coincidence or Fate?

Was it a mere coincidence or an arrangement? I lost my keys yesterday and I manage to get them back today... with a simple prayer...

Yesterday, I lost room keys on the way back from school. Upon discovery of that, I was discussing that with my landlady and the first good news was heard. My house mate reported that she had actually fount the keys, but she left the keys laying on the exact same spots, assuming that the owner would trace them back.

Without second thought, I rushed back to the spot where my house mate mentioned, and to my horror, someone seemed to have grap the keys given that the spot was somewhere near the lecturers' parking lots.

Therefore I ended up with disappointment last night... I hate myself for my own carelessness and the inability to improve it!

Sleep does help to readjust my emotion. Before I headed to school for Japanese class, I was hoping that this could serve another important lesson for me and assuming that someone had taken the keys to the office. Consequently, I tried to calmed myself with a simple prayer...not very much like the Christian way, but some part of it...

I approached the counter.

"Abang, ada sesiapa yang hantar kunci hilang milik ke sini keh?"

"Hmm, nanti saya cari yeh. Mana yeh...U ada nampak keh?", the receptionist asked his colleague.

"Yeh, ada. Sana tu!"


"Oh, Ya! Terima kasih, bang!"

Was this ending just a connection of high probability responses or a determined plot by superior being (in Christian context, God answer my prayer)?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Monthly habit...

3 for RM24! Who can resist?

Anyway, does not mean that I am like those shopaholics, but I would like to commit myself in serious reading... Spending in books contribute 4% to 9% of my monthly expenditure and I personally think that it is OK, despite my mum is always questioning my purchase...

"Are those books your textbooks?"

"Erg, nope. But some of them will help me in my study..."

"Then why buy so many?"

"What is wrong with adding more knowledge?"


Well, I have to face this in the coming December as I bring more books home.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

New recipe!

Introducing... *ceng ceng ceng*...
Steam potato rice!  C=:-)
Thanks to Auntie Guan for sparking the idea for me and my mum who taught me this original recipe. Actually, I was not preparing this, rather it was the typical fried potatoes which I learned from my mum. Out of sudden, I heard Auntie Guan (my landlady at Sabah) reminded my of her unfinished rice.
Aha, why don't I mix it with my potatoes? Consequently, I pour the hard, cold rice into my dish and steam them (while I was frying potatoes).
10 minutes later, new recipe (well, at least for me) was created! I shared the dish with auntie and her son, and we were satisfied! Her son was amazed by it and tried to replicate the dish tomorrow!
I wonder how will it tastes like.... :P

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