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Health Campaign 2009

Attend the Health Campaign 2009 organized by University Malaysia Sabah Medical Faculty at Hostel C, D multi purpose hall.Small scale exhibition, BMI check, eye acuity check, blood pressure and glucose test, test interpretation, health talks, First Aid demonstration, Breast Self Examination and all those you can name it.The only part that caught my eyes was those free medical tests. BMI check, blood pressure and blood glucose level check. Perhaps that was my primary purpose being there. ^^ I went through those test, as they were free of charge but not outside of campus, attended a talk about stress and stress management by Ng Chee Kuat. Nothing much to expect except earning myself a photo frame from the Q & A section, hehe…As for my health check, here are the data:Blood pressure: 110/80 mmHgBlood glucose level: 5.2 mmol/lBMI: 22.6The comment that left by my medical friend was, “Everything is fine, MAINTAIN YOUR WEIGHT.”What will you say?

A letter to 15 years old me…

Did you write a letter to yourself?What did you write in the letter?How do you feel when you read it in the future/now?It has been a long time since the last time I was touched by a song…I cried when I first listened to this track…手紙 拝啓 ~十五の君へ~ (Tegami haikei jyuugo no kimi e, A letter to 15 years old you)Was it because the lyrics were describing what I was facing during then?But, I am still affected by this song…Is it because what we have to face? 拝啓 この手紙読んでいるあなたは どこで何をしているのだろう 十五の僕には誰にも話せない 悩みの種があるのです 未来の自分に宛てて書く手紙なら きっと素直に打ち明けられるだろう
今 負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は
今を生きている 拝啓 ありがとう 十五のあなたに伝えたい事があるのです 自分とは何でどこへ向かうべきか 問い続ければ見えてくる
明日の岸辺へと 夢の舟よ進め
今 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は
苦くて甘い今を生きている 人生の全てに意味があるから 恐れずにあなたの夢を育てて
Keep on beliving 負けそうで 泣きそうで 消えてしまいそうな僕は
誰の言葉を信じ歩けばいいの? ああ 負けないで 泣かないで 消えてしまいそうな時は
笑顔を見せて 今…


Behold, the rabbits! ( ゜щ゜)Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ?!  (>~<)These are the rabbits (is it better to name them bunny?) rare by Mr Abraham Wong since weeks ago. I heard him mentioned that originally, there were only 4 bunnies, but now…(^щ^) These newborns are placed in another box so that their sisters and brothers are not stepping over these fragile babies…How cute! *^^* Do you notice the centre one that hasn’t grown its fur (In fact, it hasn’t opened its eyes!)? If I am not mistaken, it should be the youngest among them. By the time I  took these pictures, they were about to sleep, as you can guess from their body postures, except the brown one. It maybe the eldest, or the Papa of the nest who protects everyone and make sure they are safe and sleep before it does. Ah, paternal love!  Ok, I know, my E65 camera is blurred but you still want some pictures of the family. Here you go, the last one before I stop.Can you total the number of them? ^^ P/S: Usagi is rabbit while kawaii is …

World Cancer Day

How much do you know about cancer?
What do you feel towards cancer patients?
Are your closed one struck by cancer?
How much do you support them?
Cancer, as we all know, is one of the leading death causes that contributes to childhood mortality rate and worsen the population aging in certain region. Cancer, or the group of diseases identified by uncontrolled growth and spread of abnormal cell, is initiated by both external and internal factors, such as tobacco consumption, radiation, inherited genetic code, mutation and so on. Although it may ultimately bring death, early diagnosis and prognosis can trigger possible interventions. Yet, the suggested approach to cancer, is primary prevention.
Here are some quick fact about cancer, according to Global Cancer Facts and Figures 2007 by American Cancer Society:
1/8 of global death cases are caused by cancerThe second leading cause of death for developed countries; the third leading cause of death for developing countries27 million new cases and…