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Another strike of incubus

My younger sister was murdered by the gangsters when she was on his way home from school…Dominated by the dismay and failure to protect my dear sister, I killed myself, leaving alone our mourning parents…(“The Mourning Parents”, sculpture by German sculptress, K├Ąthe Kollwitz, located at Vladslo German Cemetery).......Argh…why am I having nightmares recently? This time, I was so shocked by the dream that I woke up from sleep! The image was vivid compare to the previous episode which mentioned about driving in the dark…Am I influenced by the examination? I am not stress.What about your recent living condition? As good as vacation!Longing for someone? I am going home and sure I miss my friends and family!Wait a minute, what are those going to do with your nightmare?Well, who cares? As long as I am still able to write it down here, I assume I may interpret recent dreams, someday in the future……

A Weird Dream

I had a dream during 0400 hours today.Before the dream slipped off my mind, I decided to write it here, in the hope that I can interpret it when I can.…I went to one of my female friends house in the favour of borrowing a car from her. I can’t remember who she was, but I did recall that she replied my request by handing me a car key of an old model Toyota Crown, which is something like this:It was in bad condition though. (in my dream)Without wasting any time, I was heading to my destination with the still-functioning Crown. I wanted to visit a site in somewhere which I don’t remembered. She asked to come along and I say OK. She drove a brand new black Perodua Myvi which was similar with this:By the time we departed, it was twilight. We took an hour to reach the site but the journey was proofed to be vain as the thing that I was looking for was no longer there. (can’t remember what was it)Before the day came to the total darkness, we left with despair. The return trip was dark and the…