Sunflower: A flower of gratitude

It all began when I first posted photos of my sunflower in 2013...

I began my journey to grow sunflower by purchasing seeds from miruku's garden.

Since I don't have any gardening experience before, so I was communicating with the page owner to know more about sowing instructions and caring of the plant. She told me it was a beginner plant.

After 3 months of care, it came out to be a very nice sunflower (that was my first experience in touching a real sunflower).

It didn't last long. After a month, it withered but there were plentiful of seeds to be harvest from a single flower (roughly 150 seeds for this bloom).

Of course, the first thought was to grow more sunflowers! In the mean time, I was thinking of sharing some of the seeds for anyone who is willing to experience of joy when s/he witnesses her/his first bloom.

Few friends asked for the seeds, and by that time, I had collected more than 400 seeds thus giving generously is guaranteed!

I sincerely hope they could feel the joy and I personally believe in the therapeutic benefits of horticulture.

Thank God, the first response was indeed, therapeutic.

Do you know that growing a flower would stick a family together better? My friend told me that her family started to communicate more frequently since sowing of seeds in order to make sure it bloom(they don't have the logistical convenience as compared with those living in landed property). Out of the blue, the family had a shared purpose which helped them to have more bonding time. I was surprised and blissful to hear her sharing, too.

Here is another one, pure showcase of gratitude.

For this friend of mine, she decided to cut one of these to present it for a brother in Christ who has gone back to our Lord. Again, I was amazed by the action of sharing seeds.

Suddenly, I was reminded about a verse in Bible:

2 Corinthians 9:6 - But this [I say], He which soweth sparingly shall reap also sparingly; and he which soweth bountifully shall reap also bountifully.

Do you want a seed?