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Strike while the iron is hot. Whenever there is chance, never miss it.Today, I went to university for my Data Analysis examination. Before I touched the exam paper, Dr Chua knocked my table and request an appointment with her. The first thing that flashed through my mind was the empty post in my school as I recalled her mentioning about vacancy in data entries personnel. Therefore I finished the paper with contented heart. After the after exam of counselling and psychotherapy theories, I knocked the door of her room.The conversation began with her inquiry about my presence in the South East Asia Psychology Conference that is organized by my school. Quickly after that, she came up with one question that astounded me, “Will like to present your paper during that conference?”“As a student presentation?” I responded.“Nope, a formal paper presentation, just like any other presenters. I found your paper is suitable for the conference and you can even consider journal submission.”I did not r…

University Level English?

Ok, I am not here to brag about my English competency but can you imagine the future human resource originated from public university which is not good in English? Look at the following notice:

One of the Universiti Malaysia Sabah graduation requirements is the English competency level of at least Band 3 of Malaysia University English Test (MUET). Personally speaking, Band 3 is not the hard for a university graduate. Will you hire someone who can’t even achieves the English competency of high school levels? Comparing with other English proficiency tests, such as SAT, IELTS and TOEFL, MUET is considered as the low passing test. The scores are adjusted to quite significant low par compare to the international English proficiency tests.
Well, that may sound like I am discriminating certain population, but my the point I try to emphasize is the perseverance to improve language proficiency level. It is an undeniable fact English is widely used in almost every corner of the world, why cert…