Thursday, November 16, 2017

Unboxing Cateye Auto Sensor Reflector Tail Light TL-AU165

Reflector and back light 2 in 1? Yes, or not surprise from Cateye which has wide range of bicycle lights for consumers. We are having this in our online store now.

Without further a due, let's see what is inside the package!
The light unit, instruction manual and light holder bracket. Simple and clean, isn't it?

Wait, how do you turn on that thing? Well, you probably may wanna check out its features:
  • Automatically turns on and starts flashing when darkness and motion are detected by the motion and light sensors (light turns off automatically when you stop)
  • Stays on function (continues flashing around 1 minute to ensure safety after you have stopped at traffic lights)
  • Reflector compliant with JIS Japanese Industrial Standards (Even if battery runs out, the reflector works to reflect light from vehicles, ensuring safety)
  • Runs for 6 months without replacing battery (when used for 30 minutes a day)
You get a cell (Lithium battery, CR2032) within the light unit. Depending on when the unit was manufactured, the cell may loss its potential since it was inserted in the light despite the unit was turned off. However, a full charge of a CR2032 cell will make sure the unit lasts in run time of approximately 100 hour. Cool!

So, how do you turn on this thing?
Notice that there is a embossed line design on the cover/light/reflector layer and the bottom layer with indication (in this case, it is "OFF"). This unit is designed to turn the upper layer to power it on or off.
The unit is turned on (as indicated with "AUTO"), but hey, why there is no light emitting? Notice that little round sensor at the bottom later, near the locking mechanism? The sensor is detecting lightness of environment so that this light unit will emit light when the environment starts to turn darker. Try blocking the sensor with your finger and you know what I meant.

How bright is this light? I would say it is about the brightness of Cateye Rapid 3 Tail Light (rapid mode). Light holder bracket supports seat post or any tubular part of bicycle with diameter of 24.8 - 32.5 mm. This light unit is weighted 35gram.

Check it out!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Are you ready for next financial crisis?

Got this from my broker newsletter, Halifax NZ this morning and I think it is quite helpful (despite you may not be Millennial),

Like I mentioned in my Facebook page, I think a lot of people (including me) find #3 is a challenge for them because we are living in an instant gratifying era where we forget that the key to success includes delayed gratification and patience is virtue.

You are not alone.

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