Friday, July 28, 2017

Team DNA (Penang)

I was introduced by my primary school mate, Samuel Shee into this team since he influenced me into serous cycling 3 years.

Here are some of them (photo taken during Permatang Pauh Fellowship Ride 2017 by one of the team mates),

Amos Cheok, the insurance agent + your-friendly-problem-solver

Henry Yeoh

This is me

Hwa, the big brother looking after everyone in the team

Samuel Shee, my bestie, cycling business partners

Jesse Kong, the serious rider in our team who is constantly in the quest of becoming stronger in cycling performance

Nicholas Hor, the photographer who is always ready to serve your photography need

Beng Hooi

Fong, civil engineer and yep, don't judge a person by his skin (color)

Sean Wong, eldest member in our team, climber

Kenneth Wong, the banker whose wife is running an online boutique store

Clement Ooi, another serious rider who is constantly growing stronger. (This photo was taken somewhere in Sungai Lembing, Pahang)
Now, I know who is missing in this series of profile photos, our team captain, Locus Lim (rider in red, that's captain's jersey, to differentiate from normal member)

credit: Specialized Concept Store Penang
A photographer himself, looking for a girlfriend (suggesting he is single), and if you want to join us, try messaging him. There are more members who were not mentioned in this post because they were either not here during the event, I didn't get the phtotos during this profile shooting or some other reasons. We are a team of active cyclists in Penang (Malaysia), raging from leisure to semi-professional level so anyone is welcome (especially ladies, as captain always yearning for...). I will tell you why lady should consider cycling as an active sport some days in future, seriously.

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