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Review: Cateye RAPID X2 KINETIC

Cateye finally has its movement sensitive light into its Rapid X2 series, Rapid X2 Kinetic. It has all the features that other Cateye lights are carrying all the while, now it is added with acceleration sensor feature so that other road users are able to read our movement signal easier.

Unlike most Cateye lights which are mounted on the bicycle with a separate plastic mount, Kinetic is mounted straight on bicycle tube with a firm rubber band and depending on your seat tube width, it can be very firmly attached to your tube. Such setting is to allow the movement sensor in the light to detect the movement of your bike so that it can blinked accordingly. The back of Kinetic is covered by a piece of rubber cover for water resistance.
Brightness and modes Cateye Rapid X2 Kinetic can be switched on by pressing the on/off button (which is also the only button of this equipment) by the side of it. Once it is switched on, it can be turned among 3 modes, mainly constant (10 lumen), flashing (15 …