Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Your suffering, a Blessing for Another

Perhaps you are familiar with "one man's meat, is another man's poison", which literally meant that something good for you, may be disastrous for another person.

You might say I am positive (maybe not?) but I think that my suffering can be another one's blessing, too. At least, my personal encounter today justified this.

It is another typical 8 am in the morning where I am still indulging myself on my bed and mum's voice all around the house to remind us about some house chores. This is normal, but not when she mentioned that she crashed my motorcycle side mirror (left). She complained that the bikes shall be stationed properly so that she would not cause any further damage to the bikes because of our limited housing space.

Ok, I need to spend time to replace the mirrors (yes, if you ask any motorcyclist, s/he will tell you that you have to change for a pair of side mirrors in the event of braking any side of side mirror, unless you have a spare).

Time to go for work by carrying a bike with remaining right side mirror (not recommend for new motorcyclist).

Just as I arrived Pos Malaysia Komtar branch, I noticed that the bike which parked in front of me was lack of right side mirror. I didn't really give much thought about this until something went into my mind when I was walking towards post office.

"Why don't I give him/her my side mirror (right)?"

I finished my task at the post office and I was walking back to my bike. Eventually, I saw the cyclist who owned the bike was standing right beside of his bike. I haste my steps and I told him my intention as I was dismounting my side mirror. I passed it for him and he left with a "thank you".

Random act of kindness?

I don't know whether he would use it or not, but I concerned about it because it would be dangerous for him to ride without complete set (Ops, I had none at this point of time). Furthermore, the remaining mirror was about to discarded after I replaced a new set.

I learned from this incident that despite you are facing a trouble, your situation may be a blessing for another. An incident could be viewed from various perspective and you have the choice on how to look at it.

Agree?  =D

p/s: I managed to replace a new set within 5 minutes after this incident, with original price! ^^

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