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Your suffering, a Blessing for Another

Perhaps you are familiar with "one man's meat, is another man's poison", which literally meant that something good for you, may be disastrous for another person.

You might say I am positive (maybe not?) but I think that my suffering can be another one's blessing, too. At least, my personal encounter today justified this.

It is another typical 8 am in the morning where I am still indulging myself on my bed and mum's voice all around the house to remind us about some house chores. This is normal, but not when she mentioned that she crashed my motorcycle side mirror (left). She complained that the bikes shall be stationed properly so that she would not cause any further damage to the bikes because of our limited housing space.

Ok, I need to spend time to replace the mirrors (yes, if you ask any motorcyclist, s/he will tell you that you have to change for a pair of side mirrors in the event of braking any side of side mirror, unless you have a spare).

Time to go …


Touched by this song from Hirahara Ayaka (平原綾香), 明日 (ashita; tomorrow, as in English).

It is the theme song, as well as the ending song of 優し時間 (yasashii jikan; Tender Time as in English).

In spite of the fact that this song is arranged in a melancholic tune, I personally found it very positive. Looking at the lyrics, you will find that the song is actually conveying the message of hope. It could also describe how a person reaches the stage of acceptance in grieving where s/he is ready to face the future by saying, "It is another new beginning."

I found hope. 
What about you? ;-)

作詞: 松井五郎 作曲: Andre Gagnon
Lyrics: Matsui Goro Rhytm: Andre Gagnon

"I'll always be by your side"
Even though I said 

今はひとり見てる夜空 Now I'm looking alone at the night sky, 

a fleeting promise

きっとこの街なら Certainly somewhere in this city

We'll pass by each other
When that happens
it would be nice to see you while smiling

もう泣かない もう負けない
I wo…

Steve Jobs as how I know...

It has been 3 months since Steve Jobs said good-bye to this world. No doubt, there are a lot of people are waiting for the release of new Apple products (such as iPad 3 which rumored to be released on 24 Feb 2012, Jobs' birthday), I want to remember him for what he had done in technology industry, as far as I know.

Steve Jobs was co-founder, chairman, chief executive officer of Apple Inc, and chief executive in Pixar Animation Studios.

I may not remember how exactly he had create such a legacy as in Steve Jobs, an authorized biography by Walter Isaacson, but I am fascinated how he managed to set a trend in technology industry.

Apple's personal computers as I first learned, do not run on Intel processor. I still remember how I and my friends (possibly some other technology geeks back in those days) were shocked when Jobs announced Apple's transition to Intel processor. As much as I know about Apple Inc., Jobs were a rival to Bill Gates (Macintosh vs Microsoft Windows) and I…