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Had paintball session with church mates on 31st July, 2011. Phew, I thought it was a easy game but it was quite demanding in terms of stamina because you need to squat, run, shoot, hide, and crawl...

Anyway, this remind me of our moment with Half Life: Counter Strike. Well, real life sports is far better and excited than computer game. You get to feel the tension in shooting and hiding where you cannot feel in virtual reality.
Get set, solders!
With the effort of Juliana (thanks Juliana for organizing this game! =D), we managed to have a discount session of RM20 per person with unlimited life and 100 bullets. We started the game in 2 teams, aka white vs yellow.

Being hit by air gun is not that pain compare to gunpowder bullet and the impact can cause damage level as this...

...and only one of us were not hit directly... No casualty occurred but wounded legs, arms, heads, face....

Despite my team has won, but I found that the excitement of winning can only be achieved if limited l…

Walk for Sight and Sound 2011

Went to a fantastic charity walk during 17th July and met some wonderful friends who are working under the same hood.

Ops, not ready yet?
Smile! (^ω^)
I am not sure what the Star reported about the figures is accurate or not, but I am glad that we can help and have meaningful experience to be "blind". Seriously, you know how many persons attended this annual event?

Not to mention, there were a lot of attractive prizes for the participants. iPad, bicycles, laptops...In fact, in the point of organization participation, Penang Adventist Hospital fellows must be really blessed. Out of 33 participation, 4 received lucky draw prizes where we had Wei Beng, Andy, and Doreen who won the hamper.
Beng poising with his hamper
and Ryan Goh, our grand prize winner! \(⌒o⌒)/

4 days 3 nights Penang-Phuket/Krabi Start cruise tour for 2 persons. (Psss, I heard he hasn't found his partner...You know what to do, right? =P)

Anyhow, the event went like this. We walked blindfolded with someone lea…


I attended a bible conference by RBC Ministries on 23rd July 2011, saturday in Trinity Methodist Church Penang with elder Ooi and fellow church mates. Met Kwei Yunn and Xu Wen (just knew that she attends this church =D). Besides, provides a reunion of brother and sister in Christ, our Heavenly Father taught me about forgiveness through the mouth of Reverent Dr. Gary Inrig.

Though I may not have photographic memory, these are some of the points which I recalled from his sermon:
(corresponding biblical chapters: * Luke 7:36 - 50, * Matthew 18:21 - 35, * Luke 17:1 - 10, & * Matthew 18-15 - 20)

~ The central principle of forgiveness is where creditor pays off debtor's debt (Jesus died on the cross for our sin)
~ Forgiveness createslove and comes with obligations such as forgiving others
~ Eternal forgiveness of God is not equal to parental/conditional forgiveness of God
~ Forgiveness is not minimizing sin
~ Forgive is not forget but remember to forget
~ To forgive, one has to defi…