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My very first option trade

The only way to complete a learning cycle is to practice it, acknowledge the outcome, learn from the outcome (mostly failure, if you got it right, you are just plain lucky) and repeat the cycle again. Cognition is defined by encoding, restoring and retrieving information. Most people with average or above intelligence can do first 2 steps with ease but the last step, usually tested an individual confidence level and I found that a lot of people are stuck at this phase because it involves something so dear to them (e.g. money).

In my experience mixing with people who took up a financial workshop or tutorial, especially those catered on investment, a lot of people took months to begin to start their first step even though they actually have nothing to lose except for their time (because you can practice your learned skills with virtual money or we called it paper trading). This will somehow define are you a person with high or low confidence and I will leave this for some …