Friday, December 26, 2014

Another weird dream....Horror + futuristic

I always write a post on my dream (if I am able to recall some of the content while I am awake) though I personally do not believe much in psychoanalysis.

Here is another one:

First part of it was pretty much about one of my primary school mate (who is getting married soon) who was walking alone at a gloomy mansion corridor like this one:

scene from Biohazard HD Remastered

I can't recall clearly the content of the dream but I can't forget how anxious and courageous she was while walking along those corridors (by judging her facial expression)...

Suddenly, the dream went on to second part where I was traveling within one of those housing tower like how FeiGiap illustrated it:

I was climbing endless stairs within those tower just to find someone who was staying on the top unit of the tower.... As I was moving along the levels, I noticed that each level was so congested that it was only 10 meter square wide. The lands in Penang island is getting scarce and I don't see any impossibility that these towers may not come true in future...

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