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The beginning of Satay journey

It all began when my mother told our family, "Do you guys wanna sell Satay?"

No response was given until dad and I decided to give it a try. After all, it is not a bad idea to start a family business since I resigned my job.

14th Dec 2013, Saturday, 7pm.

We arrived the cafe where we met our Satay sifu (aka master) and his wife. Friendly couples who welcomed anyone to visit their stall.

There is a collective perception among the Chinese which sounds like this,

"Don't teach your apprentice EVERYTHING you know!"

Personally, I don't think my sifu did hide anything from us because he actually began his tutorial from A to Z: preparing furnace, starting fire, preparing satay, barbecue technique, managing storing charcoal.

No doubt, it is a challenge for me and my father who is not good at barbecue. However, after several trial (ops, sorry for those who ate my trial sticks...), sifu  remarked that I was 70% ready to begin our business.
Hmm, thank God tha…

I Am Special ~ Creative program in English at Riffle Rage Community Hall, Penang

I am special because I am a man whose name is Andrew....

Today is the first day since I left my job in Agape Counselling Centre Malaysia (Penang branch) officially. Despite the fact that some may worry about my income, I decide to give myself some time off the "doing" aka finding job after losing one, and follow my mentor and a play therapist, Priscilla Ho in some of her projects.

Here we were, Dewan Serba Guna Taman Padang Tembak.

Thanks to the invitation of miss Fatimah Hassan from Penang Education Council, Priscilla and her team will execute a creative program in English which lasts for 8 weeks starting 9th Nov 2013.

We began our first session, "I Am Special" at 0830 hours (GMT +8) by forming a big circle which was consisted of 27 children from this neighborhood and sang the "Big Circle, Small Circle" song (led by Lucy).

While they started to have fun with this physical movement activity, I believed this helped the group to stay focus by moving backwar…

Dreadful dream

I am not a psychoanalysis practitioner.

However, as a psychology practitioner, I believed that my dream served certain purpose despite there are various theories were proposed to explain it.

If you have follow my blog, you will notice that this is the first time you read about my writing about my own dreams.

As I am writing this, I suddenly aware that most of my dream which was related to my family would most likely lead to death...

..and here is last night nightmare...

It was a nice afternoon.

Someone pushed the door bell before I approached main gate.

There is one old lady whom I didn't know who she was.

I ran back to my parents' room to ask them about who she was.


That woman suddenly appeared in their room and my parents were packing their stuff.

I was puzzled and wondered,

"What are you guys doing? Who is she?"

They never replied me but they kept informing what should I do when they left...

What a minute, you guys are leaving leaving?

I saw my sister was d…