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Touched by this song from Hirahara Ayaka (平原綾香), 明日 (ashita; tomorrow, as in English).

It is the theme song, as well as the ending song of 優し時間 (yasashii jikan; Tender Time as in English).

In spite of the fact that this song is arranged in a melancholic tune, I personally found it very positive. Looking at the lyrics, you will find that the song is actually conveying the message of hope. It could also describe how a person reaches the stage of acceptance in grieving where s/he is ready to face the future by saying, "It is another new beginning."

I found hope. 
What about you? ;-)

作詞: 松井五郎 作曲: Andre Gagnon
Lyrics: Matsui Goro Rhytm: Andre Gagnon

"I'll always be by your side"
Even though I said 

今はひとり見てる夜空 Now I'm looking alone at the night sky, 

a fleeting promise

きっとこの街なら Certainly somewhere in this city

We'll pass by each other
When that happens
it would be nice to see you while smiling

もう泣かない もう負けない
I wo…

Steve Jobs as how I know...

It has been 3 months since Steve Jobs said good-bye to this world. No doubt, there are a lot of people are waiting for the release of new Apple products (such as iPad 3 which rumored to be released on 24 Feb 2012, Jobs' birthday), I want to remember him for what he had done in technology industry, as far as I know.

Steve Jobs was co-founder, chairman, chief executive officer of Apple Inc, and chief executive in Pixar Animation Studios.

I may not remember how exactly he had create such a legacy as in Steve Jobs, an authorized biography by Walter Isaacson, but I am fascinated how he managed to set a trend in technology industry.

Apple's personal computers as I first learned, do not run on Intel processor. I still remember how I and my friends (possibly some other technology geeks back in those days) were shocked when Jobs announced Apple's transition to Intel processor. As much as I know about Apple Inc., Jobs were a rival to Bill Gates (Macintosh vs Microsoft Windows) and I…