Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Touched by this song from Hirahara Ayaka (平原綾香), 明日 (ashita; tomorrow, as in English).

It is the theme song, as well as the ending song of 優し時間 (yasashii jikan; Tender Time as in English).

In spite of the fact that this song is arranged in a melancholic tune, I personally found it very positive. Looking at the lyrics, you will find that the song is actually conveying the message of hope. It could also describe how a person reaches the stage of acceptance in grieving where s/he is ready to face the future by saying, "It is another new beginning."

I found hope. 

What about you? ;-)

作詞: 松井五郎 作曲: Andre Gagnon
Lyrics: Matsui Goro Rhytm: Andre Gagnon 

"I'll always be by your side"

Even though I said 

Now I'm looking alone at the night sky, 

a fleeting promise

Certainly somewhere in this city

We'll pass by each other

When that happens

it would be nice to see you while smiling

もう泣かない もう負けない
I won't cry, I won't be defeated

I can get past these feelings

because there's always tomorrow
There is a book that I softly closed

If there is a continuation 

There are pages that have not written

on them yet

もう泣かない もう逃げない
I won't cry, I won't run away

My dear dreams

this is not the end of them

あの星屑 あの輝き
The stardust, the radiance

Reaching out my hands now

I'll put them away in my heart

Tomorrow is a new day

I'll begin new

Friday, January 6, 2012

Steve Jobs as how I know...

It has been 3 months since Steve Jobs said good-bye to this world. No doubt, there are a lot of people are waiting for the release of new Apple products (such as iPad 3 which rumored to be released on 24 Feb 2012, Jobs' birthday), I want to remember him for what he had done in technology industry, as far as I know.

Steve Jobs was co-founder, chairman, chief executive officer of Apple Inc, and chief executive in Pixar Animation Studios.

I may not remember how exactly he had create such a legacy as in Steve Jobs, an authorized biography by Walter Isaacson, but I am fascinated how he managed to set a trend in technology industry.

Apple's personal computers as I first learned, do not run on Intel processor. I still remember how I and my friends (possibly some other technology geeks back in those days) were shocked when Jobs announced Apple's transition to Intel processor. As much as I know about Apple Inc., Jobs were a rival to Bill Gates (Macintosh vs Microsoft Windows) and Intel (PowerPC vs Intel). If I am not mistaken, Jobs decided to do so for the sake of Apple Inc's survival (profitability and development) and I believe this was not an easy decision for him. However, following the scenario below, don't you think Jobs had done something great despite he is no longer in this world?

He managed to set a trend in music industry by introducing iPod in year 2011. Then, he ventured into mobile communication market by introducing iPhone. Another successful attempt to challenge Nokia, as the world's largest manufacturer of mobile phones. Next, we witnessed how iPad became a must-have items for tablet personal computer owners. I thought Apple has lost in processor market but look at those products, what processor do they based on? Apple's A-series (now)!

Despite it may seem like Apple has lost in personal computer processor's race, but Apple processor is coming back with iPod, iPhone and iPad. Now, going back to personal computer industry, it seems that we are about to welcome "touch screen" era where input systems such as keyboard and mice, are moving into virtual system. Look at the development of Microsoft Windows 8, we shall have the idea of how operating system and our personal computer will be in future. This is can be arguable to say that Microsoft is influenced by Apple (Ops, Jobs won over Gates?). Of course, it is not only Jobs who foresaw that our computer will go into touch interface in future, but he managed to challenge the way we look at and design our personal computers.

He created a trend of linking our daily electronic consumption with touch user interface aka touch screen. He revived the Apple A5 processor and welcomed us how trendy yet practical our consumer electronics can be. He had finished his race, yet he left something more in our consumer technology.

Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.

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