Saturday, September 27, 2008

Good bye, PAP UMS 2008...

I guess after the appreciation dinner, the Pesta Ang Pow (or Chinese New Year Night) University Malaysia Sabah 2008 has came to its end. The hard work and the joy that we have gone through has remained as part of our memory in UMS...
The Appreciation Dinner of PAP UMS 2008 was held yesterday at Le Meridien hotel (I heard it is a five star hotel) after gone through many obstacles. Every attended committee members makes up heavily than I don't remember meeting them, waw! For example, look at the picture below:

(Me, Grace and Doreen were standing while Yi Juan, Jenice, Yi Ming and Ai Xuan were sitting. They are my coursemates!)
Well, I know somebody will say this is just the normal dinner attire and make ups, why am I feeling so strange about it....I have a bad taste in fashion as you can see. If not, why am I wearing black T-shirt and black pants like one of the waiters in the hotel?
Anyway, for your information, I HATE FORMAL WEAR! That's why I never wear them during balls. Social deviant, am I?
The 8 set serving course dinner started around 2000 hours. I felt so lucky than anyone for eating 16 courses because I didn't see anybody other than me running around the tables and eating between tables...Gosh, how inconsiderable I was! I was sitting with Yi Juan and others at vegetarian table (there was two tables specially allocated for them, one of them was displayed in the picture above) before the dinner started. After the first course was served, I began to have some words with other members and eventually I ended up sitting and feasting with them...(>~<) At least I did not waste the foods...
Coming up next, the lucky draw that everybody is waiting for. 6 hampers, one 8GB USB Flash drive, one Canon iP1880 printer and one 160 GB external SATA hard-disk. As expected, I got nothing and neither my friends. Wish for better luck next time.
The dinner ended before 2200 hours (so fast...). Despite the school bus had stand by to bring them who stay in hostels back, no one seemed to stop taking shots from the beginning of the dinner...It was another chance for us to put on those beautiful attires and hair styles (except me who remain unchanged all the while...) so who will save their memory storage? Anyway, everybody was able to back to their respective hostel or home safely after they had satisfied and running out of memory and battery, hehe. Here are some pictures that include me!

Me, Grace, Dr Amrad Ahmed (a great Assistant Vice Chancellor who can cook well, speak Japanese and remains single!) and Doreen.

Grace, me and Doreen, one of a long term teams in counselling psychology course of UMS!

P/S: thanks Grace & May for the photos! ^^

Saturday, September 20, 2008

An expensive lunch

Guess how much does this dish cost?
RM4? RM4.50? RM5?
These are the acceptable price range to us, the West Penisularian, well, I guess some Sabahans too. But this meal was not included in that range, instead it cost me RM7.50!!! (O.o"")
I took my lunch in KK Plaza before I did my shopping with Kar Fei (purchased our "surviving stocks"). First of all, I rejected other choices in food court as those dishes cost around RM5 and they were worth that for me (even though that may be acceptable for local). Nevertheless I preferred economic rice. Well, the meal ended up as "non-economic". I was astounded when I saw the cash register machine displayed "RM7.50"! No choice, I had to pay for it as there was no way to reject this dish.
Rice + fried long beans + fried egg with long beans + fish balls + fish cakes = RM7.50? That's expensive! Until now I still have not had any clue that this dish cost so much.
No wonder, some say that the economy in Sabah is hard to change as the economic gap is enormous. Look at the food price or any product price index, it seems that the poor is struggling to survive while the rich will maintain as wealthy.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

The most satisfied Mid-Autumn Festival ever!

Never being so contented whenever I mention about Mid-autumn festival... But for this year, I felt so great about the celebration of this traditional festival... Well, at least I have eaten almost 10+ mooncakes in 3 days... Frankly speaking, I have never eaten so many before due to my background...

I started off from the invitation from Adam to attend the church celebration on last Saturday. Instead of eating bunch of mooncakes, I ended up eating more spaghetti than mooncakes as our late arrival. (Well, I don't blame him) Anyway, I had a goodtimes with them for the whole night, thanks Adam!

On the next day, invitation from an auntie known in Sabah (whose restaurant is full of delicious vegetarian meals ^^) to be presented. This time, it is the celebration of Tsu Chi. First time attending their activity made me felt anxious about the organisation. Met some Chung Ling juniors and we had a great night together! (of course not without those mooncakes) The moment where we solved the riddles, ate various kinds of mooncakes, (ranging from pudding, ice-layered, chocolate, dragon fruit, traditional lotus paste with single york, etc...sorry guys, I don't have camera...), fooling around with the lanterns and winning ourselves a CD from Tsu Chi, remain as a memorable piece in my mind. Thanks auntie, Wooi Keat, Pei Shi and Steven!

The last celebration went to Chung Ling Alumni celebration dinner for the festival and the carnival. Nothing particular except the long conversation with the 5th year Medicine senior (She is pretty!) and received a piece of mooncake and a box of pandan cake for lucky draw.

The quantity of consumed mooncakes isn't the sole reason that made me happy, but the chance to recognize new friends also allowed me to indulge in those celebration. Met a 4th year education female Penangite and the mysterious 5th year female future paediatrics specialist, so lucky! Again, I will like to thank Adam, Aunt Wu, Steven, Wooi Keat, Pei Shi and other Chung Ling guys for sharing the joy together!

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